All the Big Garden Trends for 2023

I feel it’s my duty to tell you what the garden and landscaping trends of 2023 are going to be tout de suite. After all, gardens don’t grow in a day, and winter is the best time to plan.  

What’s Going to Be Hot in 2023

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Sowing Sanity

In Monrovia’s most recent study, homeowners who strongly agree with the statements “Gardening is good for my mental health and well-being” and “Gardening helps me feel hopeful and positive” increased over last year. “At the beginning of the pandemic, gardening was more about freshening up the areas where we were spending more time,” says Katie Tamony, Monrovia CMO and trend spotter. “Now homeowners are maximizing and personalizing their outdoor space. Gardening, and just spending time in an outdoor space that you have created, relieves stress and makes us feel more positive.”  

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Maximal Materials

The Maximalist look is gaining steam outside, according to Kristin Swenson, the communications manager at Yardzen. “Customers are asking for more bold and playful decor details—think a pop of handmade tile on a patio or around the edge of a pool,” she says. The idea is to use a variety of tones, volume, and texture. If you do it right, the look will be intentional, but not overly messy. 

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Abundance Abounds

The Garden of Abundance trend is all about making your garden a bit wild, more productive, and connected to the earth. Monrovia says it’s time to mix in edible plants with the rest of your landscape, rather than containing them in raised beds. “We’re seeing gardeners appreciating the ornamental beauty of edible plants and mixing them in with their other trees and shrubs,” says Tamony. “An abundant garden incorporates the usefulness of edible plants with the love of pollinator plants. It also includes providing a season-long habitat for birds.” 

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The New Victorians

“Blame it on Bridgerton,” says Tamony, referring to the Netflix series. Nostalgic plants like roses, lilac, hydrangea, and hollyhock are back. Think of this trend as an elevated version of a cottage garden. To make it work, the look is casual but not disorganized with a palette of pink, purple, and white, and pretty, delicate foliage. White fences, gravel or brick pathways, and birdbaths are also de rigeur.  Article by Deanna Kizis.

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