Today is National Elephant Day

No, no.  Just kidding…  EVERY DAY is National Elephant Day to me.  What a beautiful creature !


Have a great day.  Go hug an elephant !


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Going to an Asian Bistro this Weekend ?


You and you, too.  You’ve always wanted to use the chopsticks presented by your server, but couldn’t quite get up the courage to ask for instructions.  Well, now you don’t have to ask.  Below, compliments of, it’s explained how to use them.  Also, how not to use them.  So, take a moment to read and soon you will feel confident enough to try the chopstick challenge.




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Go ahead now.  Just do it !

Can’t Access Account–Solved

On pc using Edge, I have been locked out of my account due to something wrong technically. This has started 5 days ago and still persists.  I can access by iPad.

Also can access using Windows Explorer.  So until either MS or WP fixes this problem, I’m stuck using Explorer.  Hm.  Maybe it’s time to switch to Chrome.

Update 1/7/2020:

The fine folks at WordPress suggested I clear Edge’s cache as a fix to the above problem.  After doing so, I am able to access my account and will begin posting again.  Thank you to WordPress admin !


Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion


Thermometer, Temperature, Measurement


Now you’ll know how to do it !

Oh….Wait.  It’s not that simple after all.  Per

“Common conversions from Celsius to Fahrenheit

  • 25°C= 77°F
  • 30°C= 86°F
  • 33°C= 91.4°F
  • 35°C= 95°F
  • 40°C= 104°F
  • 180°C= 356°F

Why is converting Celsius to Fahrenheit so difficult?

Because both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are offset– ie neither are defined as starting at zero. On top of that, for every additional unit of heat energy the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales add a different additional value. Because of this setup, it’s impossible to say that doubling the °C or °F value doubles the amount of heat energy, so it’s difficult to get an intuitive grasp of how much energy 1 degree Fahrenheit or Celsius actually is.”

Well, looking at the above sample conversions, we’re pretty good using 1000LifeHacks formula.  It may be off a hair or two, but should be close enough when speaking about  the weather, but not rocket science !

New Year, New You !


These Are the 5 Hair Color Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2020

Slide 2 of 18: One of the new year's biggest hair color trends will remind you of cozy nights curled up by the fireplace with a hot toddy in hand: cinnamon swirl. "Rich auburns have merged into Winter with a luxurious tone-on-tone finish," Papanikolas said. "The best versions have a deep mahogany base color with cinnamon accents."
If you have dark hair to begin with, he recommends keeping the auburn color within two shades of your natural color. "Going any lighter than this can result in brassy tones," he said. Ditto if you have lighter hair but want to go into this ashier territory: stay within two shades. "Any darker can look harsh and inky."

Slide 5 of 18: 2020 Hair Color Trend: Cinnamon Swirl

Slide 6 of 18: Buttercream frosting might be your favorite holiday treat, but it's also a huge forecasted color for blondes in 2020. "These tones can range from light iridescent gold blonds, light to medium gold, and light to medium warm gold hues," Kaeding said. "A perk to the buttery cream and champagne blond hair color is that you can easily try these hues without having to make a big change."
"A perk to the buttery cream and champagne blond hair color is that you can easily try these hues without having to make a big change"
Papanikolas echoes the sentiment that buttery blond will be a huge trend in the new year and suggests you bring certain instructions to your colorist for the most optimal results: "To get this color, lift the base one shade after your highlights to illuminate the color and give a soft golden finish," he said. Then, he recommends using purple-based shampoos at home to help maintain the color.

Slide 7 of 18: 2020 Hair Color Trend: Buttercream Blond


OK.  I know.  There are 3 more colors I haven’t posted.  But I have presents to buy and wrap so I  need to go.  However, you can see the other colors just by clicking below.

And have a wonderful Christmas !



Attention Students


OK, I obviously didn’t write this hack.  So if you’re studying for finals, and eat an apple but fall asleep before finishing, just remember yours truly didn’t pen this hack.   But I will be extremely sorry for you if you fail the final.  Just sayin’.  Blame these guys:

The Colors You’re Going to See Everywhere in 2020

From moody hues to vibrant shades, here are the colors homeowners will be craving in the year ahead.

By Monique Valeris


Any interior designer will confirm that color has the power to transform a room, whether it’s a bold accent wall or an unexpected painted ceiling. But pinpointing the perfect color for your space can be quite tricky sometimes, so we’ve decided to consult with top designers and color experts for a bit of direction. What colors will dominate homes in 2020? From rich, moody hues to elegant neutrals, here are the top colors you’ll be tempted to incorporate into your home in the year ahead.


Warm Pastels

Ngoc Minh Ngo

“Pastels are still hugely popular, but I think we’re gravitating towards pastels with added warmth and earthy undertones. For overall color palettes, we’re using a mix of both spring and autumnal colors.” — Young Huh of Young Huh Interiors

Bold Monochromatics

Douglas Friedman
“Monochromatic does not have to be pale. Colors like Cobalt Blue, Kelly Green, or even Aubergine can evoke monochromatic in a daring way, that’s full of personality and elegance.” — Jonathan Rachman of Decorist
Laura Hull

Dusty Teal

“My new color crush is a dusty teal. It is actually an amazing neutral that pairs well with so many colors: camel, rust, navy, peach and pale woods, like white oak and birch. Plus, I love colors that are deep and calming at the same time.” — Amy Sklar of Amy Sklar Design
William Waldron; Produced by Anita Sarsidi

“No fear! I love ikats with crazy, punchy color combinations that don’t back down. I’m seeing a lot every time I travel—prints with a caravan of colors.” — John Robshaw of John Robshaw Textiles


For more décor color trends for 2020, go to:

The Trendiest Hair Colors for Winter

Slide 2 of 23: This ultra-flattering warm blonde, seen on the likes of Gigi Hadid, is “an ashy golden beige,” according to Stephanie Brown, Master Colorist at IGK Salon Soho in New York City.


Slide 16 of 23: You don't need to dye your hair purple to make a dramatic statement this winter. Long, black hair like Kim Kardashian's stands out, yet looks natural with all skin tones.

Slide 21 of 23: Amy Adams's glossy auburn is exactly what your winter hair Pinterest was missing. Why? Her red is vibrant, yet not brassy.

Slide 13 of 23: Already blonde or platinum blonde? Try an icy hue  like Cara Delevingne's for winter. Bonus: The rigorous upkeep means more time spent indoors at a warm and cozy hair salon.

Slide 10 of 23: If you're stuck between blonde and brunette, get the best of both worlds with a soft fade from dark roots to blonde hair. To brighten your look on dark winter days, frame your face with blonde pieces like Margot Robbie.

Slide 8 of 23: Take red hair a few notches warmer for winter with a dusky crimson shade. Zendaya's shade has hints of chardonnay red with onyx and auburn accents for dimension.

Slide 6 of 23: “For brunettes with almost black hair, like Lizzo or Shay Mitchell, look for an almost gold undertone for the hair,” Brown suggests. “It should almost be like gold flecks are reflecting off of it.”

Slide 4 of 23: Billie Eilish’s signature look may be daring, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be trending. “I think people will like to play around with a version of this look by starting out with platinum hair, dying the roots one color, and leaving the ends either platinum or dying it another,” predicts Brown. “Pastel colors would be ideal for this look,” she adds.


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Article By:  Bazaar and Halie Lesavage and Lindy Segal

13 Best German Christmas Markets

From The Conde Nast Traveler

While other countries draw crowds with their holiday traditions, no one does Christmas quite like Germany. Its festive holiday season kicks off at the end of November and runs up until the beginning of January, and includes traditional cookies and cakes like Lebkuchen and Pfeffernüsse sold in stores and markets, decorative trees and wreaths filling public spaces, and picturesque old towns given the fairy-tale treatment with twinkling lights and glowing candles placed in the windows of shops and residences. (All that Glühwein no doubt has something to do with it, too.) One of the best ways to experience the holidays in Germany? A Christkindlmarkt, or Christmas market. Here, in no particular order, are 13 of the country’s best markets.



This article was written by Katherine Lagrave in November 2018.   As always, it’s best to check ahead for the exact 2019 dates.