Word Search: Words only Sung at Christmas

Can you find the words usually heard only at Christmas time? Coal, eskimos, grinch, mistletoe. Yes, those words. So have at it and have a Merry!

Happy Thanksgiving Crossword

Thanksgiving Day in the United States is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year. Traditionally it is a time to give thanks for all the sacrifice and hard work done for the harvest. In modern times people take time off work (4 day weekend starting Thursday) and spend time with family and friends over a large feast held on Thanksgiving Day.

What better way to prepare for Thanksgiving than to do an easy crossword. Let’s do it now!

Oh, did you want answers with that crossword? OK.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Other Ways to Say, “I Think” in English

When it comes to expressing opinions and thoughts, “I think” is a common phrase used by English speakers. However, using the same phrase repeatedly can make your speech or writing sound repetitive and dull. Here is a list of different ways to say “I think” in English, allowing you to add variety and depth to your language and express your thoughts more effectively. 

List of Different Ways to Say ‘I Think’

Now that we understand why it is important to be able to say ‘I think’ using different wording, we can begin to explore some of the alternative things that we can say.

  1. In my opinion
  2. As far as I’m concerned – This phrase is often used in a more authoritative sense.
  3. I believe that…
  4. I am of the opinion that…
  5. It is my belief…
  6. It seems to me/It appears to me
  7. To my way of thinking/In my way of thinking
  8. I honestly think that/ I honestly believe that…
  9. I am feeling that/I feel that – This is a more personal phrase which moves from thoughts and takes them to a more emotional level. This is a good phrase to use when trying to convince someone of something.
  10. I assume that 
  11. From my point of view
  12. If you ask me…
  13. My thoughts on the matter are…
  14. I consider…
  15. As far as I can see/ as far as I can tell
  16. To my mind/ In my mind
  17. It is my view/It is my opinion
  18. The way that I see it is…

List of Formal Ways to Say “I Think”

  1. In my opinion
  2. From my perspective
  3. It seems to me that
  4. I am of the view that
  5. My belief is that
  6. It appears to me that
  7. I would argue that
  8. It is my contention that
  9. I believe
  10. As I see it
  11. My impression is that
  12. It is my understanding that
  13. To my way of thinking
  14. I hold the opinion that
  15. In my estimation

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Something About Time Being on My Side…or not.

Yes, that also. However, do you really know about time. I mean what the time of day can be called other than say 2:00? Please refer to the attached infographic and be amazed! Or at least, informed.

Yes, you will have questions, I’m sure.


I know what you are thinking. Do I say,”Good dawn to you?”

No, of course not. You defer to the usual greeting, “Good morning to you.”

Ditto with dusk. No one says, “Good dusk to you” at 5:00pm. C’mon man!

You may need to know these terms if you ever do a crossword puzzle because I can’t ever remember using the words dawn or dusk lately. But that’s me. Your experience may differ.

She is quite the attractive one, but does she realize what a firestorm she has now created? “Good dawn to you, Madam.” And the rest of you, “Have a wonderful day!”

Conversation Starters: Questions About the Weather in English

Here are some great ways to start a conversation.  They are all polite and friendly ways to speak about the weather in a way that isn’t so dry and boring.


What is the weather like where you are at today? Is it always a little unpredictable or pretty consistent? Sometimes we never know, which is why everyone is always checking the weather reports. Sometimes we simply ask people, “hey, what is the weather like today?” This is how we talk about the weather in English.