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Now you’ll know how to do it !




Oh….Wait.  It’s not that simple after all.  Per metric-conversions.org:

“Common conversions from Celsius to Fahrenheit

  • 25°C= 77°F
  • 30°C= 86°F
  • 33°C= 91.4°F
  • 35°C= 95°F
  • 40°C= 104°F
  • 180°C= 356°F

Why is converting Celsius to Fahrenheit so difficult?

Because both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are offset– ie neither are defined as starting at zero. On top of that, for every additional unit of heat energy the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales add a different additional value. Because of this setup, it’s impossible to say that doubling the °C or °F value doubles the amount of heat energy, so it’s difficult to get an intuitive grasp of how much energy 1 degree Fahrenheit or Celsius actually is.”

Well, looking at the above sample conversions, we’re pretty good using 1000LifeHacks formula.  It may be off a hair or two, but should be close enough when speaking about  the weather, but not rocket science !

Cycling Ayutthaya, A Tale of Two Cities

Article by Paul Stafford for TravelMag

Tourists ride on elephants in front of Viharn Phra Mongkol Bopit (Photo: Paul Stafford for TravelMag)

Siam’s former capital city still holds plenty of glimpses of its former spiritual and political glory. But to get those glimpses, it’s necessary to navigate the trappings of modern, urban Thailand.

There are two versions of Ayutthaya, and they couldn’t be more opposed. One is hardly distinguishable from some of the more suburban stretches of Bangkok, the Thai capital two hours by train to the south. Busy roads clamour with traffic; the shrill wails of barge whistles sound out as cargo is pulled along the Chao Phraya river, or one of the many other waterways that circumvent and enclose the main city; and swarms of wires slalom from one overloaded pylon to the next, while daily life somehow finds a way through the sultry heat and smog.

It was this Ayutthaya to which I was introduced outside the city’s train station late one evening. It was this city that kept me awake most of my first night, tossing and turning in sweat-drenched sheets, or startled awake whenever I was fortunate enough to drift off. It was these roads that seemed certain to pose major challenges to me, as I tried in vain to find what I’d been assured was a safe cycle route around the old city the next day. But then, ‘safe’ is a relative term.

As I pedalled along, dodging tuk-tuks packed with tourists, whose very existence seemed proof that it was possible to explore the city without sweating profusely, I caught a glimpse of the other Ayutthaya. Well more accurately, it was an Asian openbill stork that first caught my attention, with its thick beak seeming too cumbersome for its dusty frame. The stork was perched atop a weather-beaten structure that formed a shape somewhat like an upturned ice cream cone, with a much thicker, derelict column behind it, built of red bricks. This was not the chaotic, modern Ayutthaya; it was a glimpse into the past, of the Ayutthaya Kingdom’s (a Siamese empire) former capital city.

Buddha statue at Wat Mahathat (Photo: Paul Stafford for TravelMag)


To read more of Paul Stafford’s article, Click on the link below.


11 Simple Ways to Prevent the Post-Holiday Blues

It can happen to anyone: the blues, seasonal affective disorder, post-holiday depression.  After blasting ahead at full-speed, now you’re experiencing more of a crawl-like motion that’s beginning to get you down.

The post-holiday blues can be real with the emotional let-down that can happen after the festivities end.

Asian woman lying in bed late at night, young female sleep in bedroom at home. insomnia sleeping, worried and stressed conceptsJo Panuwat D/Shutterstock

The end of the holiday season and the long, dreary days of winter can be challenging for a lot of people—even those who don’t have clinical seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or depression.

“Somebody who’s just experiencing sort of like seasonal blues might have some good days and some bad days [similar to] somebody with depression,” says Elise Hall, MSW, LICSW, a clinical social worker and therapist in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. “Even though there might be bright moments throughout their day, [they’re] feeling pretty bad consistently.”

We’ve come up with some simple strategies to cope with those feelings during the cold (or not so cold) winter months by getting active, discovering passion projects and embracing the season.

Try a workout

Young woman in sportswear doing exercise during intensive circuit training in gym class. Females working out together in the health studio.Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Whether at home or at the gym, exercise is a commonly recognized and effective mood enhancer, explains Hall. “Exercise just really releases natural chemicals in the brain that have an antidepressant quality to them.” Try a new class, or get outside for a run or walk if the weather allows.

Keep your resolutions realistic

new years resolutionsSam Wordley

Most people know what it feels like to choose lofty goals, only to come crashing back to earth when those things don’t happen. Keep focused on what you can attain, says Taz Bhatia, MD, an integrative health expert and author of Super Woman RX. “Unrealistic New Year’s resolutions can make someone feel like a failure, but small, definable goals can work to your advantage. It gives us something to focus on post parties, and it’s a great way to jump into the new year.” (Here are the top health mistakes people make in January.)

Go on a vacation

Girl takes pictures on the phone from the car windowMax4e Photo/Shutterstock

Get away from the stress of the short days and plan a trip—it’s good to have something to look forward to. “Vacations can also improve our mental health by reducing depression and anxiety,” according to the American Psychological Association. “Vacations can improve mood and reduce stress by removing people from the activities and environments that they associate with stress and anxiety.” Here’s why taking a shorter vacation is good for you.

Keep yourself busy with friends and fun

Another thing to look forward to? Time with friends, or self-care. “I think creating joy in the weeks that follow the holidays is key,” says Dr. Taz. “Book another dinner with friends, a massage, or start your self-care. Staying around positive people makes a difference as well.” Plan virtual Zoom dance parties. Or order the same food subscription box as your friend and cook the same meal together, virtually.

Click on the link for more blues-busting ideas:


Perfect Perennial Shrubs for your Garden

I know it’s only been 1 week of winter here in Chicago, but already I’m thinking spring.  I’m thinking shrubs for the backyard.  I found this article that interested me and I thought it might do the same for you.  Have a look !

The most perfect perennial shrubs for your garden

Looking for that amazing “pop” of color in your garden or landscape? A plant that makes a statement and really stands out against your backdrop?

Enter… flowering perennial shrubs (or bushes). Perennial shrubs add balance and color to your landscape.

Flowering shrubs rhododendron garden
A garden of flowering rhododendron shrubs (Rhododendron ponticum). Rhodys not only flower profusely in spring, but their leaves are evergreen and stay on the shrub all winter long!

I love flowering shrubs because they can really catch the attention of passerbys. If you’re following my garden pyramid for planting success, you have already chosen your ornamental tree(s) and evergreen shrubs.

Flowering shrubs make the perfect choice for right in front of your evergreen backbone planting. So, place your perennial shrubs in front of a row of evergreens  to really make them POP.

These flowering bushes can add lots of long-lasting color and personality and are large enough to make a big statement. In fact, a lot of the perennial shrubs I’ll mention bloom for weeks and even months on end.

And… when they are done blooming, your sturdy evergreen foundation will keep your garden from looking bare and messy.  Once you choose the perennial shrubs that are right for your garden, you’ll see your landscape really start take shape.

The best perennial shrubs for color and texture

Let’s get to the fun stuff! These are my picks for the BEST perennial shrubs to add color and texture to your landscape.

Long Blooming & Easy-Care Perennial Shrubs

Here are some of my favorite perennial shrubs that you can plant in your own garden. I really love these options because not only do they bloom for weeks and sometimes months on end, but they don’t require much effort at all.

The only maintenance you’ll need to do is watering and fertilizing. After planting these shrubs you should supplement their water supply until the roots get established.  Beyond that, they should be able to handle the weather if you get about an inch of rain each week.

Many people find flowering shrubs to be difficult to grow. The biggest issue that I see, is that most people do not fertilize flowering shrubs at all or enough. Any plant, shrub or tree in your garden that is a prolific bloomer needs to be fertilized.

It takes a lot of energy for her to look so beautiful for you every day! So… you should pick up some flower fertilizer and follow the feeding instructions provided. My favorite is Espoma Rose-Tone Rose and flower food if you are looking for a specific recommendation!

Ok – onto my recommendations for the best perennial flowering shrubs for you to try in your own garden!

Perennial Shrubs To Add Color and Texture To Your Garden

Knockout Rose Bush

perennial shrub
Sunny Knock Out® Shrub Rose (Rosa SUNNY KNOCK OUT ‘RADsunny’)

Zones: 5-11 | 3-4’W x 3-4’W | Full Sun

Knockout or double knockout roses are easy to grow, don’t require special care and bloom up to 9 months of the year — literally from spring until the end of fall when it starts to frost.

Knockout roses come in a couple different variations of color. Most are in the hot pink (Rosa PINK KNOCK OUT ‘Radcon’) to blush pink (Rosa x ‘Radgor’), or yellow family (Rosa SUNNY KNOCK OUT ‘RADsunny’) .

You get the idea.  There’s some excellent tips if you too are looking for a pop in your yard.  Check out Amy’s website for more.


New Year’s Eve Games to Celebrate 2020 in a Fun, Memorable Way

By Rebekah Lowin

Throwing a New Year’s Eve party this year? Odds are, you’ve been planning for weeks. You probably sent out your invites way back when and you’re all stocked up on New Year’s Eve drink ingredients—not to mention items for your New Year’s Eve appetizer recipes. All the better to surprise your friends with!

But if there’s one aspect of the long-awaited event you might not have paid enough attention to, we’d bet it’s the entertainment factor. Enter: our list of the very best New Year’s Eve games to play this year. After all, watching the New Year’s Eve ball drop only takes a minute! Have no fear: We’ve got you covered with the very best New Year’s games for kids and adults alike. From a disco ball piñata that doubles as the ideal post-midnight snack, to word search games and even creative, seasonally appropriate Mad Libs, there’s something here for every age group and personality to enjoy. We’ve even included a fun project that incorporates your love of hot chocolate and makes use of all those cute coffee mugs you’ve got lying around.

And who says you have to stick to just one of these genius ideas? Double (or triple!) the fun by playing multiple games.


Two Resolutions and a Lie New Year’s Eve Game

new years eve games two resolutions and a lie

SolStockGetty Images

Instead of playing the classic Two Truths and a Lie game, make it New Year’s themed by swapping in resolutions. Have each guest tell three resolutions, one of which is a lie. It’s up to everyone else to figure out which resolution is the fib!

End of the Year Charades Game

new years eve games charades

SolStockGetty Images

For this game, you’ll need to gather up a list of all the important events from the past year, whether related to pop culture, politics, or inside jokes between your crew. Then write each down on a piece of paper and put into a bowl for you to use in a lively game of charades.

Name That Tune 2019 New Year’s Eve Game

new years eve games songs

Klaus VedfeltGetty Images

Create a playlist of the best songs of 2019 and see what team can guess the name of the song and the artist first! Make a point system for each artist and title named to make it more competitive.

Conversation Starter Cards for New Year’s Eve

New Years Eve Game Cards

Alice and Lois

These conversation-starting cards will be a hit at your annual New Year’s Eve party. “Most Embarrassing Moment of the Year,” “Best Move of the Year,” and “Favorite Holiday Memory of the Year” are just a few of our favorites.


Check this web site for more New Years Eve party ideas:


Sanibel Island FL – The World’s Best Shelling Beaches

By Beach Bliss Living

Sanibel Island Shells on the Beach


I think it’s safe to say, Sanibel Island, FL, has the world’s best shelling beaches. There are a few other shell beaches that make the top list, such as the one on St. Bart (Caribbean) and at Shark Bay (Australia), but none come close to Sanibel’s variety of shells. So let’s shellebrate Sanibel, a lush shell hunting paradise where waves and currents funnel hundreds of species of shells right onto the beaches!  Photo by Anne McKinnell.


Sanibel Shell Museum


Sanibel island has 15 miles of beaches, 22 miles of bike paths, abundant wildlife and the largest undeveloped mangrove ecosystem in the country. So there’s more to Sanibel island than just shells! Well, not technically. The island is actually made of shells.

Sanibel fishing pier and lighthouse beach, is one of the six public beaches on the island. You can bike to this beach on the Periwinkle pathway. Lighthouse beach, along with Blind Pass (between Sanibel and Captiva) are the two top destinations for shelling.

And here are some Sanibel shelling facts and tips you want to know:

  • The east-west torque of Sanibel’s south end acts like a shovel scooping up all the seashells travelling from the Caribbean and other southern seas.
  • The types of shells on the beaches can vary according to the time of year.
  • Seashells are important to the island’s chain of life and it is against the law to collect live shells, same is true for neighboring Captiva island.
  • The best shelling is during the winter, at low tide, preferably after a storm.
  • Up to 30,000 visitors come to Sanibel and its neighbor island Captiva each week at peak season (December to April).
  • While on the hunt for shells, chances are that you will see dolphins and manatees.
  • Sanibel island has an annual Shell Fair and Show that is held every March.
  • Since Sanibel is made out of shells, created by nature over thousands of years, when locals dig in the backyard they often find perfectly intact conchs, whelks, scallops and clam shells.


Much, much more to see and read at the author’s web site:


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