9 Small Talk Habits That Can Draw People to You

Small talk can be awkward, uncomfortable, and stressful — but it can also lead to meaningful conversations and relationships down the line if you know how to do it the right way. There are a number of small talk habits that can draw people to you instantly, and although it might take some practice to nail them down, you can start incorporating them into your conversations and stop worrying about discussing the weather over and over again with people you just met.

Not all small talk is created equal, so if you really want to engage someone in a conversation, you’ll want to make sure you’re paying attention to what you’re saying. Here are nine small talk habits that will make people instantly drawn to you.

1 Having A Comfortable Opener

Beginning a discussion with someone out of the blue can feel like the most awkward part, so practice how you open up conversations with others. “This will make you look and come across more confident and encourage more people to talk to you,” says communications expert Michael Blakely over email. “It also shows you are happy to start the conversation, putting people at ease and allowing you to lead.”

2 Sharing Relatable Information About Yourself

Conversations about the weather or what someone is wearing can die out quickly. “The best ways to engage people are to share some information about yourself that other people can relate to, appreciate, or learn from,” says Deena Baikowitz, co-founder of Fireball Network, a coaching and consulting firm, over email “For example, talking about where you grew up, your family, why you chose your career. Talk about the things you are most passionate about – your hobbies, volunteer work, job, family.”

3 Asking Open-Ended Questions

Avoid questions that can be answered with yes or no and ask a person something that allows them to talk in-depth about their thoughts, dreams, and opinions. “By asking more of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions, you get people talking,” says Korobov. “And the truth is that most people love talking about themselves even if they won’t admit it. Open-ended questions create the space for people to feel safe doing so and provides a vehicle for them to feel heard.”

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It’s Almost Thanksgiving and You aren’t a Small Talker?

No worries. Check out these conversation starter tips, and you will be chatting like a pro.


These questions will start some fascinating conversations. Listen fully for the response, then have at it. Remember, great conversations won’t start until you do.

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What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Where do you like to travel this time of year? What are some special holiday traditions your family practices?

Conversation Starters: What is Your Favorite…

Working with a group of new people and need some conversation starters? Break the ice and get to know people better by selecting several of these get-to-know-you topics.

COLOR                                    FOOD                          HOLIDAY                     PLACE

BOOK                                      MUSIC                         SONG                           ARTIST

THING TO DO                      OUTFIT                          CAR                             CITY

STATE                                    COUNTRY                    SEASON                       POEM

JOB                                       HAIR COLOR                HAIR STYLE                 MOVIE

SPORT TO WATCH          SPORT TO PLAY           DRINK                         ANIMAL

PET                                       ARTWORK                   FASHION                      PHONE

ENTERTAINMENT           HOBBY                           ATHLETE                      GAME

TV SHOW                             ACTOR                         ACTRESS                      HERO

VILLIAN                              ICE CRÈAM                  RESTAURANT              FRIEND

OBSESSION                        STORE                            QUOTE                          MAGAZINE

WEB SITE                            MEMORY                      GIFT                               AGE    

Can you think of more of your favs ?   
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Michelangelo’s ‘Secret Room’ to Open for Visitors

Delicate charcoal drawings that some experts have attributed to Michelangelo are seen on the walls of a room used to store coal until 1955 inside Florence’s Medici Chapel, in central Italy, Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2023. (Francesco Fanfani via AP, HO)

Visitors will soon be able to see a long-hidden space inside the Medici Chapel in the Italian city of Florence. The walls of the small space contain drawings that some experts believe may have been created by the famous artist Michelangelo.

The secret room is small – 10 meters by 3 meters. Officials discovered the room in 1975 when searching for a way to make a new exit from Medici Chapel.

The museum’s then-director Paolo Dal Poggetto strongly believed that the drawings were by Michelangelo, said the current director, Paola D’Agostino. A debate over the issue began then and continues to this day.

D’Agostino suggested that experts of Michelangelo’s drawings did not believe he created the works at the time of their discovery 50 years ago. She added, “Others had a more moderate view, in the sense they thought that some could be by Michelangelo and others could be by followers. So the debate is ongoing.”

The room was used to store coal until 1955. Then it was closed and forgotten for years below a special kind of opening known as a trapdoor. The trapdoor was hidden beneath furniture. The drawings themselves were discovered under two layers of plaster – a substance used to make walls and ceilings smooth.

Dal Poggetto believed Michelangelo hid in the space to escape the anger of Pope Clement VII. The artist had supported a short-lived republic that overthrew the Medicis.

In the room, the artist drew for some of his projects. They include drawings believed to be the legs of Giuliano de’ Medici.

Starting on November 15, small groups of four people will be able to visit the room for about 15 minutes. Visitors will have to pay an additional $20 on top of the $10 charged for entry to the main museum.

The museum said it limits the number of visitors because of the need to reduce exposure of the artworks to light. At most, 100 visitors will be able to go to the room each week.

Adapted from AP and Reuters reports.

Can We Talk? About Halloween?

Yes, let’s talk because Halloween is only weeks away! Black cat got your tongue? No worries. Below you will find questions to ask that will put you and a friend into a very scary Halloween mood. Questions like, “What kind of candy is your favorite?” Did I hear you say KitKat Bar?




Ice-breaking tools-find out what motivates people.

Typical motivators:

  • Personal power
  • Feeling important
  • Recognition
  • Social approval
  • New experiences
  • Love
  • Emotional security

The list implies that people want to make a personal connection, to feel comfortable and to be noticed.

What do you have in common with these people?  Unusual clothes, hats, jewelry and body language.  Surroundings such as books, statuary, furniture, and social things like food, size of crowd, energy level, etc.

Other topics for conversation:

  • Nostalgia-good memories of the past
  • Favorites-books, restaurants, movies
  • How to-e.g. deal with stress, make time to exercise, etc.
  • Common ground-both drinking coffee, in same building, in same line


This is my first_______.  How do you do______.

How did you get involved in this line of work?

Do you have any tips on letting go of tension?

Keep a file of interesting topics, openers, and funny stories.


  • O-open your body language for your approach
  • D-deliver a wide-open and fast-paced grand opening
  • E-emphatically listen
  • S-share your ideas generously

Active listening:

  • Sit or stand with an open, accepting posture
  • Look at the speaker
  • Stand straight
  • Ask for more information
  • Center questions on the speaker…Do you think, what would you advise
  • Respond to the speaker, repeat something you’ve heard


  • Sum up and show appreciation
  • Explain next step, if there is one
  • Shake hands and leave

It’s not rocket science.  Consider this as conversation baby steps.  Who knows, you might be a budding, silver-tongued conversationalist.  Keep visiting this site for more steps.

By Deborah Shouse Photo Credit: Shutterstock©

The No. 1 phrase people who are good at small talk always use

Small talk might seem trivial, but it can deliver big results.

It can help us forge new or deeper connections with others by allowing us to discover unexpected areas of common interest. It can enable us to establish or reinforce our personal reputations, giving us an opportunity to demonstrate warmth and empathy.

The power of ‘Tell me more…’

“Tell me more” is a support response; it supports what the other person is saying. The opposite is a “shift” response,” which is a statement that shifts the conversation back to you.

If your friend complains about their annoying upstairs neighbor, you might say, “Yeah, you wouldn’t believe what my neighbor’s been putting me through. His party last night didn’t break up until after 3 a.m.” You’ve just shifted the conversation back to you and your concerns, rather than inviting your small talk partner to contribute even more.

A support response might be to empathize with your friend, or ask for more details about their neighbor’s bad behavior and how they handled it.

In the right context, it is fine to use shift responses — other people want to learn about us, and we don’t want to come across as withdrawn or secretive.

But many people make the mistake of treating other people’s stories as openings for them to talk about themselves. But if you do that often, you miss an opportunity to learn more.

After a conversation partner contributes a thought or anecdote, we can say something like, “What excited you about that?” or “Wow, what happened next?” or “How did you feel when that happened?

Comments like these give your partner permission to expand on what they said or provide deeper insight.

The more you support what someone else is saying, rather than shifting the focus to your experience, the easier and more enjoyable small talk becomes.

Article by Matt Abrahams for CNBC© Photo credit: CNBC©

Conversation Starters: Questions About the Weather in English

Here are some great ways to start a conversation.  They are all polite and friendly ways to speak about the weather in a way that isn’t so dry and boring.


What is the weather like where you are at today? Is it always a little unpredictable or pretty consistent? Sometimes we never know, which is why everyone is always checking the weather reports. Sometimes we simply ask people, “hey, what is the weather like today?” This is how we talk about the weather in English.

January 29-31 Celebrations

Did you know that there is a special interest, hobby or person to honor and celebrate on every day of the month? Check them out!

January 30

  • Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (last Monday in January)
  • National Croissant Day
  • National Escape Day
  • National Inane Answering Message Day
  • School Day of Non-Violence and Peace
  • Yodel for Your Neighbors Day

January 30

  • Appreciate Your Social Security Check Day
  • Backward Day
  • Brandy Alexander Day
  • Eat Brussels Sprouts Day
  • Hell is Freezing Over Day
  • Hug an Economist Day
  • Inspire Your Heart with the Arts Day
  • National Hot Chocolate Day
  • National Plan for Vacation Day (last Tuesday in January)
  • Scotch Tape Day
  • Catholic Schools Week (January 29-February 4)
  • National Meat Week (January 29-February 4)

 Holidays and Observances to Celebrate in February 1-4, 2023!

February is the shortest month of the year, but there are a ton of things to celebrate and acknowledge during these 28 days—which is why we’re happy to share these February holidays and observances for 2023!

February 1

  • Candy-Making Day
  • Car Insurance Day
  • Change Your Password Day
  • Dark Chocolate Day
  • Decorating With Candy Day
  • G.I. Joe Day
  • Global School Play Day (first Wednesday in February)
  • Hula in the Coola Day
  • International Day of Black Women in the Arts
  • International Face & Body Art Day
  • National Baked Alaska Day
  • National Freedom Day
  • National Get Up Day
  • National Girls & Women in Sports Day (first Wednesday in February)
  • Robinson Crusoe Day
  • Serpent Day
  • Spunky Old Broads Day
  • World Hijab Day
  • World Read Aloud Day (first Wednesday in February)

February 2

  • Ayn Rand Day
  • Bonza Bottler Day
  • California Kiwi Fruit Day
  • Candlemas
  • Crepe Day
  • Groundhog Day
  • Groundhog Job Shadow Day
  • Heavenly Hash Day
  • Marmot Day (in Alaska)
  • Rheumatoid Awareness Day
  • Self-Renewal Day
  • Sled Dog Day
  • Tater Tot Day
  • World Play Your Ukulele Day
  • World Wetlands Day

February 3

  • American Painters Day
  • Bubble Gum Day (first Friday in February)
  • Doggy Date Night
  • Elmo’s Birthday
  • Feed the Birds Day
  • Give Kids a Smile Day (first Friday in February)
  • Golden Retriever Day
  • National Carrot Cake Day
  • National Carrot Day
  • National Cordova Ice Worm Day
  • National Missing Persons Day
  • National Patient Recognition Day
  • National Wear Red Day (first Friday in February)
  • National Wedding Ring Day
  • National Women Physicians Day
  • Take a Cruise Day
  • The Day the Music Died
  • Working Naked Day

February 4

  • Barber Day (first Saturday in February)
  • Facebook’s Birthday
  • Homemade Soup Day
  • Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (first Saturday in February)
  • International Pisco Sour Day (first Saturday in February)
  • Liberace Day
  • National Hemp Day
  • National Play Outside Day (first Saturday of every month)
  • National Stuffed Mushroom Day
  • National Thank a Mailman Day
  • Quacker Day
  • Rosa Parks Day (in California and Missouri)
  • Take Your Child to the Library Day (first Saturday in February)
  • Torture Abolition Day
  • USO Day
  • World Cancer Day

Source: parade.com