So, How was your weekend ?

WOW! Festival de Slackline nos Alpes Italianos : fotos

We're not saying to try this at home... we're just saying you need some amazing core strength to be able to do it! Inspiration from @bar_brothers_worldwide_ Find our 15-minute core workout app by clicking on our profile link #core15app #fitness

One of our most difficult rivers in Nepal...The Upper Seti Canyons north of Pokhara in Nepal. Its a drop in and a drop out, no exit in between. Very few have run these gorges, they are an epic run!

Paddling over the edge of the 70 foot Outlet Falls in Washington state is a pretty gutsy way to have fun. Fun? Really? But, not for me.

My weekend ? Cold, just cold 

We all have that one friend that is always cold. This is ME…haha


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