Roku Proves That It’s Not Netflix

The country’s leading operating system for streaming video on TV is still expanding. Roku now has a record 61.3 million active accounts, a sequential increase of more than a million homes, and a welcome contrast to Netflix shedding 200,000 net members through the first three months of this year. 

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Roku’s audience also experienced a 14% increase over the past year. Remember when the most problematic knock on Roku was that folks would be streaming less after COVID-19 vaccines became freely available? A record 20.9 billion hours were spent streaming on Roku in its latest quarter, a 14% increase over the past year that matches its increase in accounts. In short, we’re streaming as much as we were a year ago. 

Then we get to Roku’s ability to monetize its platform. Netflix has had to resort to price hikes to keep average revenue per user rising, but Roku’s platform is a free ad-based model. With services vying for the attention of Roku’s widening audience — and Netflix now proving mortal — you can expect a lot of connected TV ad revenue going Roku’s way. Average revenue per user for Roku has soared 34% over the past year, and that’s stacked on top of the expanding account base. 

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What is Roku?

Roku is a collection of streaming devices that offer consumers viewing experiences at a variety of price points with a variety of features. No matter which Roku product you pick, though, you’ll always have access to Roku’s breadth of channels and apps. The Roku product itself is a streaming device that has the functionality for both live TV and on-demand streaming, as well as music streaming and even game play. With a simple internet connection, you have access to everything Roku has to offer. 

Roku Channel List

Roku has an incredibly vast list of channels and apps available for download and use. You’ll find everything from the expected favorites to channels you never even knew existed. Check out some of the best channels available on Roku.

Free TV & Movies

One of the prime places to check for free TV and movies is the Roku Channel. This is essentially a streaming service within a streaming device. Similar to the likes of Hulu and Netflix, the Roku Channel offers a selection of free TV and movies that’s constantly rotating. You’ll find reality TV like The Bachelorette here, as well as Alfred Hitchcock classics. 

Other free TV and movie channels include The CW, Peacock, Crackle, Plex, PBS, Tubi, and Filmrise. They all offer a wide selection of on-demand movies and TV shows that you can watch at your leisure. 

Our Final Take

If you don’t already have a Roku, they’re a great streaming device with a ton of content to offer. Roku offers a channel or app for everyone in the family — from free TV and movies to premium subscriptions — and the fact that you can get a Roku device for as little as $30 makes this one attractive streaming device. Roku’s channel list is practically endless, and you never know what show or movie you’ll stumble across when surfing all the apps.

Source: The Top Streaming Deals This Weekend — Save on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV 4K, and More – TV Guide

Note: I’m new Roku viewer as of about 6 months ago when Netflix wasn’t doing much for me. Fortunately, my Firestick that I use for viewing Netflix, also works for viewing Roku channels. I don’t subscribe so I must watch ads. No prob except the same ads are run. The ads are short enough though. I highly recommend Roku for its variety of offerings. DH

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