Netflix CEO Reveals Which Subscribers Will Have To Watch Ads

Specific details of the forthcoming ad-based model were murky at the time of the announcement. Only a few months later, Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos is finally giving the public a little more clarity on what to expect.

 Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos divulged that commercials will not be added to the current Netflix subscription plans. Instead, the new ad-based tier is intended to attract new subscribers who are not bothered by advertisements accompanying the content they’re watching.

The clarification should come as good news to current Netflix subscribers, who are currently paying either $9.99, $15.99, or $19.99 per month for the service. The prices are determined by such factors as the number of screens a subscriber chooses to watch programming on, and whether they want to watch the content on HD or Ultra HD.

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What Is Freevee? How to Start Watching It

Cord cutters have no shortage of places to watch movies and television shows online. Between the paid options such as Netflix and Hulu and the endless number of free services, it’s possible to find just about any content that you want to watch.

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However, one service that people frequently overlook is Freevee (formerly IMDb TV). Possibly because they’ve never heard of it. What is Freevee? Who can use it? What type of content is available? And is it worth your time? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Freevee?

Freevee is an entirely free service for watching TV shows and movies. The service has been owned by Amazon since Bezos’ company bought IMDb in 2020, and it underwent a rebrand from IMDb TV to Freevee in April 2022.

This is the third name change for the service, which was initially launched as IMDb Freedive at the start of 2019.

The content on Freevee is ad-supported, so you’ll have to sit through the interludes at the beginning, and during the videos you watch. There is no way to pay to remove the ads, and the ads are unskippable.

Where Is Freevee Available?

At the time of this writing, users in the USA, UK, and Germany can use the service. More countries are set to come online in the coming months.

Which Devices Can You Watch Freevee On?

At one point in time, the only operating system with an app was Amazon’s FireOS. Now, however, the official Freevee app is available for Android and Apple devices, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, LG smart TVs, Xbox, and PlayStation. You can also watch Freevee through any web browser by visiting its site.

What TV Shows and Movies Are Available on Freevee?

Since the rebrand to Freevee, even more content has come online. At the time of writing, you can watch Bosch: Legacy, Top Class, America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation, and Black Beauty.

Of course, it still cannot compete with some of its other free competitors like Peacock TV and Crackle, but Freevee is still a solid app to keep in your streaming armory.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, keep an eye on the listings. Freevee is adding new content all the time. Plus, Freevee also offers live programs you can watch in real-time.

How to Find Content to Watch on Freevee

The homepage offers some broad seasonal categories, as well as various “Most Popular” categories. You will also find the broad genre categories that are commonplace on most streaming apps.

You can quickly tell whether a movie or TV show is available on Freevee when you’re using IMDb’s website directory. If the title is on offer, you will see a prominent link labeled “Watch for Free on Freevee” that you can click on.

Are There Watchlists on Freevee?

The only other significant feature worth mentioning is the presence of watchlists. Watchlists are one area where Freevee excels. The service leans heavily on the IMDb database of content to provide much better watchlist usability than services like Netflix and Hulu.

You can order your shows by rating, runtime, number of user ratings, your own ratings, popularity, and IMDb ratings. You can also easily filter by either movies or TV series, rather than having everything in a single list.

Is Freevee Worth Using?

So, is Freevee worth your time? We’re never going to turn down another way to watch free content, but at the time of writing, Freevee still feels like it’s still a work in progress (which, of course, it is).

The issues with content navigation and parental controls need to be resolved. Similarly, even though some decent shows and movies are on offer, the size of the library needs to be expanded before it becomes a viable alternative to some of its competitors.

Like everyone else, we hope that the latest rebrand finally sees the app fulfill its potential. It is hard not to feel like it is in the last chance saloon.

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Note: I’ve discovered that Midsomer Murders is available on Freevee, and, it has cc available. Check it out!

15 Gorgeous Deck and Patio Ideas You Can DIY

Living Wall with Movable Planters

If you have a ground-level deck or patio and would like a bit of privacy, consider building a living wall. It can shield you from the neighbors, surround you with flowers and provide fresh herbs just steps away from your kitchen or grill. The planter boxes are easy to build, and a drip irrigation system provides automatic watering all summer long—no worries about missing a day of watering or losing all your plants when you go on vacation.

©Family Handyman

Island Deck

Built with composite decking and hidden fasteners, this maintenance-free backyard deck is designed to go together fast and to fit in anywhere in the yard, without footings or ledger boards.


You can entertain and feed your guests without ever having to leave your shish kebabs unattended! If you’re looking for outdoor bar ideas or DIY gazebo plans, this “grillzebo” is perfect. It’s big enough to accommodate most standard grills but small enough that it might just fit on your existing patio. Customize your own grillzebo with lighting, grill accessory storage, wine glass racks, or built-in coolers.

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Your Home Improvement Calendar for Paint Projects by Season

We’ve been fairly housebound going on about two years now (mind = blown). So if you’ve found yourself daydreaming about new projects to improve and refresh your home again, you’re certainly not alone. You’ve also come to the right place. Here, our top three projects per season, at every level of difficulty. Think you’re up for the challenge? 

Spring: Functional Workspace

Even if you don’t have a dedicated office, you can still have a beautiful and functional space when you’re working from home. Turn an open wall into your own personal study and give it a pop of color to make it come alive. Start with KILZ 2 All-Purpose Primer to hide any unsightly scuffs or marks and provide excellent adhesion for your new topcoat.

If Shelves Could Talk

Finally give that book collection the attention it deserves with a statement backdrop that speaks volumes. In fact, consider it a hop on the “emotional escape room” bandwagon. Yep, folks are using everything from calming colors to crystals to create rooms in their homes that elicit their most tranquil selves. So don’t shy away from a shade that brings you joy, no matter how strong—simply prime with KILZ Restoration Interior Primer, which blocks heavy stains and odors to restore even the toughest projects.

Flavorful Cabinets

Give the heart of the home an inviting refresh with one of our favorite kitchen trends: two-tone cabinets. After priming with KILZ 3 Premium Primer, brush a darker color on the lower cabinets to draw the eye upward, creating taller-looking ceilings and a grander visual effect. It’s also a great way to infuse character into the room, and if you’re torn between a rich color palette or soft neutrals, you can have both.

Touch link below to see all diy projects.

12 DIY Paint Projects to Try This Year – PureWow

Roku Proves That It’s Not Netflix

The country’s leading operating system for streaming video on TV is still expanding. Roku now has a record 61.3 million active accounts, a sequential increase of more than a million homes, and a welcome contrast to Netflix shedding 200,000 net members through the first three months of this year. 

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Roku’s audience also experienced a 14% increase over the past year. Remember when the most problematic knock on Roku was that folks would be streaming less after COVID-19 vaccines became freely available? A record 20.9 billion hours were spent streaming on Roku in its latest quarter, a 14% increase over the past year that matches its increase in accounts. In short, we’re streaming as much as we were a year ago. 

Then we get to Roku’s ability to monetize its platform. Netflix has had to resort to price hikes to keep average revenue per user rising, but Roku’s platform is a free ad-based model. With services vying for the attention of Roku’s widening audience — and Netflix now proving mortal — you can expect a lot of connected TV ad revenue going Roku’s way. Average revenue per user for Roku has soared 34% over the past year, and that’s stacked on top of the expanding account base. 

Article by Rick Munarriz for The Motley Fool©

What is Roku?

Roku is a collection of streaming devices that offer consumers viewing experiences at a variety of price points with a variety of features. No matter which Roku product you pick, though, you’ll always have access to Roku’s breadth of channels and apps. The Roku product itself is a streaming device that has the functionality for both live TV and on-demand streaming, as well as music streaming and even game play. With a simple internet connection, you have access to everything Roku has to offer. 

Roku Channel List

Roku has an incredibly vast list of channels and apps available for download and use. You’ll find everything from the expected favorites to channels you never even knew existed. Check out some of the best channels available on Roku.

Free TV & Movies

One of the prime places to check for free TV and movies is the Roku Channel. This is essentially a streaming service within a streaming device. Similar to the likes of Hulu and Netflix, the Roku Channel offers a selection of free TV and movies that’s constantly rotating. You’ll find reality TV like The Bachelorette here, as well as Alfred Hitchcock classics. 

Other free TV and movie channels include The CW, Peacock, Crackle, Plex, PBS, Tubi, and Filmrise. They all offer a wide selection of on-demand movies and TV shows that you can watch at your leisure. 

Our Final Take

If you don’t already have a Roku, they’re a great streaming device with a ton of content to offer. Roku offers a channel or app for everyone in the family — from free TV and movies to premium subscriptions — and the fact that you can get a Roku device for as little as $30 makes this one attractive streaming device. Roku’s channel list is practically endless, and you never know what show or movie you’ll stumble across when surfing all the apps.

Source: The Top Streaming Deals This Weekend — Save on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV 4K, and More – TV Guide

Note: I’m new Roku viewer as of about 6 months ago when Netflix wasn’t doing much for me. Fortunately, my Firestick that I use for viewing Netflix, also works for viewing Roku channels. I don’t subscribe so I must watch ads. No prob except the same ads are run. The ads are short enough though. I highly recommend Roku for its variety of offerings. DH

What’s Coming to (and Leaving) Netflix in May 2022

Well, we know viewers are leaving, but what about shows? Here they are. Catch them before they go… or not!

Millie Bobby Brown, Stranger Things Netflix

April has been a terrible month for Netflix — the company is now valued at $54 billion less than it was worth yesterday, after a disastrous Q1 earnings report — and the streaming service would like to fast forward to the end of May, when its biggest show, Stranger Things, returns for its long-awaited Season 4. 

Some good stuff is expiring from Netflix on May 31, like the complete runs of Downton Abbey and Happy Endings, two I Know What You Did Last Summer movies, and sports drama The Blind Side, which has been holding down a spot on Netflix’s Daily Top 10 Movies list for a few weeks. So catch all those before they’re gone.

Everything Leaving Netflix in May

May 1
Colony: Seasons 1-3 
Hoarders: Season 11
WWII in HD: Season 1

May 3
StartUp: Seasons 1-3
The Clovehitch Killer

May 12
Eye in the Sky

May 19
Rosario Tijeras (Mexico): Seasons 1-2

May 23
Shot Caller

May 31
Bill Burr: You People Are All the Same
Coach Carter
Dennis the Menace
Downton Abbey: Series 1-6 
Final Destination 3
Final Destination 5
Free Willy
Happy Endings: Seasons 1-3 
Happy Feet
I Know What You Did Last Summer
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
New Year’s Eve
Sniper: Legacy
Sucker Punch
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie
The Blind Side
The Devil’s Advocate
The Disaster Artist
The Final Destination
Top Gun
Wild Things

Everything Coming to Netflix in May

Like a Rolling Stone: The Life & Times of Ben Fong-Torres
Welcome to Wedding Hell (Netflix Series)

May 1

3 Ninjas: Kick Back

A River Runs Through It

Are You the One?: Season 6

Blippi Wonders: Season 1

Corpse Bride

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Den of Thieves

Dirty Harry

Empire State

Forrest Gump

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Hello, My Name Is Doris

Jackass:  The Movie

Jackass 2.5

Jackass 3.5

John Q

Menace II Society

Once Upon a Time in America


Rambo: Last Blood

Road to Perdition

Seven Years in Tibet

Soul Surfer


The Gentlemen

The Lake House

U.S. Marshals

War of the Worlds

When Harry Met Sally

You’ve Got Mail

May 2
Octonauts: Above & Beyond: Season 2 (Netflix Family)

May 3
Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive (Netflix Documentary)

May 4
40 Years Young (Netflix Film)
The Circle: Season 4 (Netflix Series) (new episodes weekly)
El marginal: Season 5 (Netflix Series)
Meltdown: Three Mile Island (Netflix Documentary)
Summertime: Season 3 (Netflix Series)

May 5
Blood Sisters (Netflix Series)
Clark (Netflix Series)
The Pentaverate (Netflix Series)
Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go: Season 1
Wild Babies (Netflix Documentary)

May 6
Along for the Ride (Netflix Film)
Marmaduke (Netflix Film)
The Sound of Magic (Netflix Series)
Thar (Netflix Film)
The Takedown (Netflix Film)
Welcome to Eden (Netflix Series)

May 8
Christina P: Mom Genes (Netflix Comedy)

May 9
Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Sustainable War (Netflix Anime)

May 10
Outlander: Season 5
Workin’ Moms: Season 6 (Netflix Series)
42 Days of Darkness (Netflix Series)
Brotherhood: Season 2 (Netflix Series)
The Circle: Season 4 (Netflix Series) (new episodes weekly)
Operation Mincemeat (Netflix Film)
Our Father (Netflix Documentary)
The Getaway King (Netflix Film)

May 12
Maverix (Netflix Comedy)
Savage Beauty (Netflix Series)

May 13
Bling Empire: Season 2 (Netflix Series)
The Life and Movies of Erşan Kuneri (Netflix Series)
The Lincoln Lawyer (Netflix Series)
New Heights (Netflix Series)
Senior Year (Netflix Film)

May 14

May 15
PJ Masks: Season 4

May 16
Blippi’s Adventures
Servant of the People: Season 2-3
Vampire in the Garden (Netflix Anime)

May 17
The Future Diary: Season 2 (Netflix Series)

May 18
The Circle: Season 4 (Netflix Series) (new episodes weekly)
Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror (Netflix Documentary)
Love on the Spectrum U.S. (Netflix Series)
The Perfect Family (Netflix Film)
Toscana (Netflix Film)
Who Killed Sara?: Season 3 (Netflix Series)

May 19
A Perfect Pairing (Netflix Film)
The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib (Netflix Family)
The G Word with Adam Conover (Netflix Documentary)
Insiders: Season 2 (Netflix Series) (new episodes weekly)
The Photographer: Murder in Pinamar (Netflix Documentary)
Rodrigo Sant’Anna: I’ve Arrived (Netflix Comedy)

May 20
Ben Is Back
F*ck Love Too (Netflix Film)
Jackass 4.5
Love, Death & Robots: Volume 3 (Netflix Series)
Wrong Side of the Tracks (Netflix Series)

May 22
ONE PIECE: New Episodes

May 23
Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045: Season 2 (Netflix Anime)
Godspeed (Netflix Film)
Sea of Love (Netflix Family)

May 25
The Circle: Season 4 (Netflix Series) (new episodes weekly)
Larva Pendant (Netflix Film)
Somebody Feed Phil: Season 5 (Netflix Series)

May 26
Insiders: Season 2 (Netflix Series) (new episodes weekly)
My Little Pony: Make Your Mark (Netflix Family)
Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series: Part 3 (Netflix Family)

May 27
Stranger Things 4: Volume 1 (Netflix Series)

May 30
Mighty Little Bheem: I Love Taj Mahal (Netflix Family)

May 31
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 1

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Sandals You Should Wear if You Plan on Being on Your Feet All Day

When it comes to footwear for standing on hours on end, chances are sandals don’t come to mind. Between the lack of arch support, open, flexible design, and minimal cushioning, sandals are better left for, say, a quick trip to the beach or a brisk stroll around the block… right?

Not necessarily. Turns out, there are sandals you can wear that are supportive enough for long-lasting comfort. To find them, you just need to be a discerning shopper.

So, yes, you can wear sandals for long periods of time—just do it one of the picks below.

Stand for hours in these supportive sandals

Chacos, Z/2 Classic — $100.00

Next time you venture out on the long, summer hike over hill-and-dale, do it with Chacos. They’ve got Dr. Splichal’s seal of approval, thanks to their arch-loving midsole that gives you support over long periods of time. They also feature adjustable straps, making it easy to customize to wide or narrow feet, and a toe-loop for added control.

Sizes: 5-12, medium and wide

Colors: 11 different colors and prints


Birkenstock, Arizona Soft Slide Sandal — $135.00

Surprise, surprise—Birkenstock is also on Dr. Splichal’s list of stand-worthy sandals. That’s because of that legendary cork footbed which literally molds to the foot, giving you custom support step after step. Like the Chacos, these sandals are also adjustable, so if you need some extra room for bunions or hammer toes, they’ve got you covered.

Sizes: 4-11, medium and wide

Colors: taupe, green, fuchsia, orange, light grey, dark grey, beige


Aetrex, Mimi — $70.00

Aetrex shoes are renowned for their uncompromising comfort and podiatrist-approved support. The Mimi sandals are designed to alleviate pressure in the forefront, using a high arch to stabilize and balance your joints while you walk. Layer on the cloud-like midsole that absorbs shock and the buckle ankle strap, and you’ll never want to take ’em off.

Sizes: 5-11, medium

Colors: black, bronze, navy, red, and tan leather


Article by Francesca Krempa for

Click link below to view more sandals!

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MATCHDAY: City, Liverpool meet in potential title decider

A look at what’s happening in European soccer on Sunday, April 10:


Manchester City and Liverpool meet in the biggest game in the Premier League this season with the destination of the title perhaps riding on the result. City leads second-place Liverpool by one point with eight games remaining and a win at Etihad Stadium would make the defending champions the big favorites for a sixth title in 11 years. Liverpool can move into a two-point lead with a first victory at City since 2015, markedly improving its improbable ambition of a quadruple of trophies. Liverpool is on a 10-match winning run in the league. Two of the bottom three teams clash when Burnley visits last-place Norwich, while Brentford hosts West Ham and Leicester is at home to Crystal Palace.

© Provided by Associated Press – Sports Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp smiles before the Champions League quarterfinals, first leg, soccer match between Benfica and Liverpool at the Luz stadium in Lisbon, Tuesday, April 5, 2022. (AP Photo/Armando Franca)


Barcelona visits Levante seeking a seventh straight win in the Spanish league that it needs to keep alive its very slim hopes of catching runaway leader Real Madrid. A victory would lift Barcelona back level on points with Sevilla, currently in second place. Barcelona was held 1-1 at Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League on Thursday. Barcelona’s Gerard Pique and Memphis Depay will miss the trip due to injury. Levante is in second-to-last place. Julio Velázquez will make his debut as coach of Alavés when it visits Osasuna. Alavés is in last place with just one win in its last 17 games across all competitions. Real Sociedad is at Elche aiming for three points that will keep it in the running for a Europa League spot and more ambitiously a top-four finish and Champions League berth. Espanyol hosts Celta Vigo in a meeting between midtable teams.


Serie A leader AC Milan needs to find its scoring prowess again if it is to end its 11-year wait for the title. Milan visits Torino, days after a 0-0 draw against Bologna where the Rossoneri had 33 shots on goal. Milan has only scored four goals in its last six matches in all competitions, from 103 attempts. Milan is one point ahead of Napoli which hosts Fiorentina earlier in the day. Fiorentina is chasing a European spot as are Atalanta, Lazio and Roma, with just four points separating the four teams. Atalanta visits Sassuolo while Roma and Lazio play sides in the bottom three in Salernitana and Genoa, respectively. Venezia is also in the relegation zone and hosts Udinese.


Leipzig and Freiburg resume their tussle for the Bundesliga’s last Champions League spot with games against Hoffenheim and Eintracht Frankfurt, respectively. Leipzig is one of the league’s in-form teams since Domenico Tedesco took over from Jesse Marsch as coach in December. Tedesco’s side grabbed a 4-1 win at Borussia Dortmund last weekend and is unbeaten in seven games since its narrow loss at Bayern Munich in February. Visiting Hoffenheim hasn’t won in three games after a four-match winning run. Freiburg dropped three points behind Leipzig after its loss to Bayern last weekend and will hope to get back on track at Frankfurt. Frankfurt has been inconsistent this season and could be distracted by its Europa League quarterfinal match against Barcelona. Frankfurt plays the return leg in Camp Nou on Thursday after a 1-1 draw in the first leg. Also Sunday, Gerardo Seoane’s Bayer Leverkusen team will aim to consolidate third place with a win at midtable Bochum.

© Provided by Associated Press – Sports Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne celebrates after scoring his side’s opening goal during the Champions League, first leg, quarterfinal soccer match between Manchester City and Atletico Madrid at the Etihad Stadium, in Manchester, Tuesday, April 5, 2022. (AP Photo/Dave Thompson)


Marseille looks to move back into second place when it hosts Montpellier in the French league. Jorge Sampaoli’s team will be high on confidence after stretching its winning streak to six games in all competitions by beating PAOK Thessaloniki 2-1 in the Europa Conference League on Thursday. In the race for Europe, fourth-place Strasbourg can extend its unbeaten run in the league to nine games against an inconsistent Lyon side, which drew 1-1 with West Ham in the Europa League on Thursday. Fifth-place Nice needs a win at Lens to revive its hopes of a Champions League spot. Nice’s slide in the standings has coincided with the poor form of Amine Gouiri, who hasn’t scored or made an assist in the last eight league games. Defending champion Lille will be without midfielder Hatem Ben Arfa against Angers. Ben Arfa has been dropped from the squad after a verbal spat with his coach and teammates in the dressing room following a goalless draw with Bordeaux last weekend.

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Apps removed for secretly collecting data from millions – Delete them now

There are tons of mobile apps available, all with different functions and capabilities. Tap or click here for five great apps for iOS and Android. No matter which apps you download, you have a reasonable expectation that they will work as promised.

© Provided by Komando

While it is neat to discover hidden tools, you never want to learn that apps are collecting more data than needed. This exposes your information to criminals and rattles the app store’s authenticity.

Unfortunately, a swath of apps did just that. Read on to see which applications Google removed from the Play Store and what you can do about it.

Researchers from UC Berkeley and the University of Calgary discovered that a company linked to a Virginia defense contractor paid numerous developers to insert data harvesting technology into their apps.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Measurement Systems targeted weather, prayer and highway radar apps, and QR scanners. After disclosure to Google and federal law enforcement, the apps were removed from the Play Store. It’s estimated that the apps had as many as 60 million downloads.

Based on the report, the offending apps include:

  • Speed Camera Radar
  • Al-Moazin Lite (Prayer Times)
  • WiFi Mouse(remote control PC)
  • QR & Barcode Scanner
  • Qibla Compass – Ramadan 2022
  • Simple weather & clock widget
  • Handcent Next SMS-Text w/ MMS
  • Smart Kit 360
  • Audiosdroid Audio Studio DAW

The embedded software can “without a doubt be described as malware.” However, in a statement to the WSJ, Measurement Systems said the allegations “about the company’s activities are false.”

What you can do about it

The software could collect data such as your location, email address, phone number, what Wi-Fi network you are on, or text copied to your phone’s clipboard. But while the apps might be gone from the store, that doesn’t mean they automatically disappear from your phone. 

Here’s how to check if the apps are on your device and remove them:

  • Open your mobile phone’s Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap on Apps & notifications.
  • Tap on the See all apps options to view a complete list of applications on your phone.

To remove a specific app, tap on it and select Uninstall. Remove any of the apps on this list to protect privacy.

Article by Charlie Fripp,

Source: Apps removed for secretly collecting data from millions – Delete them now (