7 Foods That’ll Fix Your Upset Stomach ASAP

Slide 1 of 7: Yup, straight up Saltines.The Mayo Clinic recommends these (and the rest of the foods that follow) because they are bland and easy-to-digest.Simple, but that's the point.

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1) Soda Crackers

Yup, straight up Saltines.

The Mayo Clinic recommends these (and the rest of the foods that follow) because they are bland and easy-to-digest.

Simple, but that’s the point.

2) Toast

Make it dry and white, if you can. Now is not the time for fancy butter or spreads. Nor is it the place for whole-wheat or seeded bread. Fiber is your friend, but not when your stomach needs a rest.

3) Gelatin

There’s a reason why hospitals serve Jell-O (or whatever the generic hospital equivalent is). Gelatin is an tasty vessel for easily-digestible carbohydrates that can help you put down a foundation of calories for recovery.

4) A Banana

More easily digestible carbohydrates here too. Remember: Go easy at first. Try half a banana, pop the other half in the fridge, give it a beat, and then return to the banana as needed.

5) Applesauce

If you’re figuring out that eating like a toddler can help your stomach feel better, you’re on to something.

6) White Rice

Not brown rice. Not wild rice. Not black rice. Not red rice.

What about forbidden rice?

Also forbidden.

Just stick with white rice, which is very low in stomach-taxing fiber.

7) Plain Chicken Breast

Okay now this is more advanced. Unlike the other foods on this list, chicken breast is protein instead of an easily digestible carb. That means that your stomach is going to process it a little differently, a little more slowly than the others.

So if you’ve tried a few other items on this list and things are going okay, maybe it’s time to try a little chicken.

One easy test if you’re ready: If you can look at the accompanying picture of chicken and think that it looks like something you might want to eat, then you can probably eat it without issue.

Article for Men’s Health by Paul Kita

Source: 7 Foods That’ll Fix Your Upset Stomach ASAP (msn.com)

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