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Got a favorite color? Well, what does your favorite color say about you? Check this artistic infographic for answers and fascinating color facts.

5 Fascinating Color Facts

Here are some random facts about color that might surprise you! From UCreative.

40% of people worldwide say their favorite color is blue, by far the most popular color.

Red is the first color a baby sees, at around 2 weeks of age.

Pink is the most calming color, and is used in some prisons and mental health institutions to calm worked-up prisoners and patients.

White is considered the safest color for a car. I’ve seen studies on this – it’s the color that’s most visible both day and night.

Red and yellow together are the most appetizing colors. That’s why they’re used in a lot of fast food signs.

Color Preference by Gender

Color insights from Live Science.

Blue: Male 42%, Female 29%

Green: Male 25%, Female 19%

Purple: Male 12%, Female 27%

Red: Male 8%, Female 9%

Yellow: Male 5%, Female 6%

Orange: Male 7%, Female 3%

Pink: Male 1%, Female 7%

It’s surprising to me that purple is cited as the third most-liked color for both males and females. But they didn’t include brown, white, gray and black in this study. I’m guessing a lot of men prefer those neutrals over purple!

There’s much more to this story. This article can be found in its’ entirety at:

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