50 Foods That Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Slide 1 of 51: The relationship between food and cancer has long been the subject of research and attempts at dietary intervention; studies have suggested all kinds of things about compounds that your body needs to prevent cancer and foods that might actually increase your cancer risk.But the bottom line is that maintaining an overall healthy diet is a solid line of defense against many health problems — including cancer. Following a diet rich with foods that may help prevent cancer will probably have a ricochet effect to make you into a healthier, more energized person overall.Even if you eat a perfect diet filled with the foods on this list, it’s impossible to guarantee you won’t get sick. Factors such as your sleep schedule, whether or not you smoke, where you live geographically, and others that may be out of your control, like genetics, also play a role in your cancer risk.Watch out for the telltale signs that cancerous tumors might be beginning to form inside your body. But the best you can do is treat your body well with nourishing foods and lots of rest to lower your risk of cancer. These 50 nutritious foods could help to protect you from the onset of cancer.


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Author: Dennis Hickey

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