The People Have Had Enough

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They Will Try to Reach You Everywhere

We've been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty. Cartoon Vertebrate Green Mammal Plant Organism Line Art Bird Terrestrial plant

Don’t Blame the Cat

Stop calling us!! Your car warranty has expired Photograph Eyebrow Human Recipe Tableware Organism Eyelash Gesture Felidae Finger Adaptation Whiskers Small to medium-sized cats Happy

Sorry about that. Just wanted to post a little humor. Oh wait, the phone’s ringing!

Need a Laugh ?

Couple Wakes Up To Find A Moose Going For A Swim In Their Backyard

a dog swimming in a pool of water
© Paul Koch

“The best thing that happened was that after three and a half hours she climbed out of the shallow end and jumped over the fence,” Paul Koch said. “The police came back and told me that she got back to the wooded area that she had come from.”

The moose escaped unscratched, but the same can’t be said for Koch’s pool — which now has two hoof-sized holes in the bottom.

The moose was said to exclaim, “Sorry bout that” as she hoofed out of the area !

People Are Photoshopping Their Cats’ Faces Onto Bees

Article by Stephen Messenger

Sure, necessity is the mother of invention. But boredom will do in a pinch.

Case in point: People are spending their suddenly abundant free time on a wildly innovative new art form — Photoshopping their cats’ faces onto the bodies of bees.

Why? Why not. a insect on the ground

The trend appears to have been started the other day by Jessy Hanczaryk.

For no particular reason, she decided to Photoshop a few cat/bee hybrid pics of her cat Millie. a black and yellow insect on a white background © Jessy Hanczaryk

Hanczaryk was so amused by her creation that she shared them with her brother. He, in turn, posted them to Reddit.

The pics were a hit — and they soon began spreading across social media like a swarm.

“I saw someone posted them on Facebook and someone else posted them on Instagram!” Hanczaryk told The Dodo. “I honestly had no idea that people would like them so much.” a insect on the ground

Having nothing better to do has never been so weirdly productive.

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This artist’s hilariously accurate dog breed descriptions will make your day

Article by Zoë Miller of Insider

Artist Grace Gogarty creates “intentionally unpolished” illustrations to depict the personality types of different breeds, and the results are hilarious and charming.

Every breed of dog has its own special traits. From identifying a husky as a “distinguished vocalist” to a pug as a “functioning mess,” Gogarty reminds us what it is we love about our quirky pets.

Sit back and prepare to chuckle !

Slide 1 of 16:  Every breed of dog has its own special traits.  Artist Grace Gogarty creates "intentionally unpolished" illustrations to depict the personality types of different breeds, and the results are hilarious and charming.  From identifying a husky as a "distinguished vocalist" to a pug as a "functioning mess," Gogarty reminds us what it is we love about our quirky pets.    Visit  Insider's homepage for more stories.   Whether or not you're a  dog lover, you've probably noticed that each breed has its own personality and quirks.  Through her playful illustrations, Grace Gogarty, who goes by the name Little Tunny on Instagram and Tumblr, explores the distinct characters that comprise the canine kingdom - from socially anxious Bernese mountain dogs to attention-grabbing golden retrievers. Insider spoke to her about her illustrations in 2018.  Keep reading to see examples of Gogarty's hilarious cartoons and learn more about her creative process.

Slide 4 of 16:  "I think things that are 'wrong' and unpolished are a bit more interesting, personable, and fun," she said. "I'm a messy person and I try to reflect that in my cartoons."


Slide 5 of 16:  "I like their honest emotions and how different they are from me, while still having way more in common than I'd care to admit," said Gogarty.


Slide 6 of 16:  That's when she got the idea to illustrate descriptions of each breed's characteristics.

Slide 7 of 16:  She says she enjoys drawing all breeds.

Slide 8 of 16:  Gogarty is a life-long vegetarian whose first word was "dog."

Slide 9 of 16:  She says she loves the happy look of yellow Labs.

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