Attention Students


OK, I obviously didn’t write this hack.  So if you’re studying for finals, and eat an apple but fall asleep before finishing, just remember yours truly didn’t pen this hack.   But I will be extremely sorry for you if you fail the final.  Just sayin’.  Blame these guys:

Hey…Happy Friday

. . (courtesy of @Pinstamatic

Whatcha doin’ this weekend, huh ?

A little readin’, writin’, coffee drinkin’ ?

OK, OK, just NOT this:

Follow Your Dreams-Cancelled-Banksy- 24X36 Canvas Art

I want you to hang in there and follow those dreams, wherever they may take you.

And just chill like my friend here.

Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear by Alan Vernon - Favorite Photoz

Dat’s right.  Chill and do what you love.  Dat’s what it’s all about !

We're not saying to try this at home... we're just saying you need some amazing core strength to be able to do it! Inspiration from @bar_brothers_worldwide_ Find our 15-minute core workout app by clicking on our profile link #core15app #fitness

Ah…no.  Maybe not this.