The world’s most beautiful mountains

Standing tall

There are few things on Earth as intimidating and equally fascinating as mountains. From small, but perfectly formed peaks to grand monoliths rising tall into the sky, mountains come in all shapes and sizes. Here, we travel across the globe and discover some of the fascinating stories behind the world’s most stunning mountains.

  • Slide 1 of 31: There are few things on Earth as intimidating and equally fascinating as mountains. From small, but perfectly formed peaks to grand monoliths rising tall into the sky, mountains come in all shapes and sizes. Here, we travel across the globe and discover some of the fascinating stories behind the world's most stunning mountains – click on 'full screen' to see these photos at their best.
  • Slide 2 of 31: We've all heard of Everest and Fuji, and while these peaks are mesmerizing in their own ways, Kirkjufell in Iceland is altogether more ethereal. The gorgeous mountain can be found on the island's western coastline, an area defined by crystalline fjords, geothermal pools and dynamic waterfalls. And while it might be the smallest on our list, it's the most photographed peak in all of Iceland due to its incredible beauty and the Northern Lights that often dance in the night sky above.
  • Slide 3 of 31: An unmistakable sight in St Lucia, The Pitons are one of the island's best-known views. The two volcanic plugs are now covered in a dense green jungle and the Pitons – Gros Piton and Petit Piton – are home to no less than 245 different plant species, including eight rare tree species, and 27 bird species, five of them endemic.
  • Slide 4 of 31: The grande dame of Yosemite National Park (along with Half Dome to the east), El Capitan rises proudly from the western side of the Yosemite Valley. Its granite face appears near vertical – a result of glacial action that shaped many of the mountains within the national park. El Capitan, meaning the captain, is indeed a fitting name for the monolith. Take a look at nature's greatest spectacles that will inspire you.
  • Slide 5 of 31: Tangles of native bushland, waterfalls, forested valleys, cliffs and caves – the scenery in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area is nothing short of spectacular. The area’s most famous landmark is the Three Sisters. According to an Aboriginal legend, the towering rocks represent three sisters – Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo – who were turned to stone for protection. Here are 40 of Australia's most stunning natural wonders.
  • Slide 6 of 31: It's not Scotland's highest or most famous mountain so it often gets overlooked in favor of others, however, the spectacular mountain and its landscape has to be seen to be believed. Surrounded by the peaks of Glencoe and offering incredible views over the Loch Etive, Buachaille Etive Beag is one of the Scottish Highland's most perfectly formed mountains. The name, pronounced booachil etiv bek, means small herdsman of Etive.
  • Slide 7 of 31: Watching over the South African city of Cape Town, there's no doubt Table Mountain is one of the most famous in the world. Known for its distinctive shape, as the name suggests, it's actually one of the planet's oldest peaks at more than 200 million years old. The first recorded ascent also happened a while back – Portuguese explorer António de Saldanha conquered it in the early 16th century. Discover fantastic travel photos that will make you feel better about the world. 
  • Slide 8 of 31: No visit to Snowdonia in Wales is complete without seeing the awe-inspiring Snowdon – the highest summit in England and Wales. Almost as famous as the mountain itself, the Snowdon Mountain Railway is a masterful feat of engineering that was constructed over 14 months in 1894 and has been running ever since. Impressively, three of the five Swiss-manufactured steam locomotives bought in 1895 are still in service today too.
  • Slide 9 of 31: Located within the remote Auyuittuq National Park, Mount Thor (officially known as Thor Peak) is named after the Norse god of thunder and for very good reason as it's so intimidating. Featuring the world's longest vertical drop at a hair-raising 4,101 feet (1,250m), the slope isn't easily ascended either. In fact, it's so difficult, the mountain wasn't conquered until as recently as 1985, when a four-man American team completed it in 33 grueling days.
  • Slide 10 of 31: Although Huangshan Mountains, or the Yellow Mountains, are not among China's tallest, they definitely are among the most spectacular. Nicknamed the loveliest mountain in China, Huangshan and its otherworldly pine-clad rock formations have captured people's imagination for centuries. The misty mountains have inspired many Chinese forms of art, especially the shan shui style of landscape painting.

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Stunning Pictures of Earth

Article by Amanda Prahl of Popsugar

Nowadays (especially right now), it’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of life. However, there’s a lot of beauty to be found even in the toughest times, and sometimes, it just takes zooming out to see the whole picture. And by zooming out, we mean literally! We’ve assembled 30 of the most breathtaking pictures of Earth taken from way out in space that will give you a little perspective whenever things feel heavy. So, take a break from your social feeds, and have a look through these pictures of our incredibly gorgeous planet.

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Crashing Wave’s

Take a look at these powerful wave photos to get a glimpse into what mother nature can do.

Dangerous wave

Big wave

wave hits rock

riding the surf

wave hitting lighthouse


Breathtaking wave

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These are the world’s most beautiful waterfalls

Article by Love Exploring

Angel FallsHavasu Fallsiguazu fallsSeljalandsfoss Falls
Image 1  Angel Falls, Venezuela
Image 2 Havasu Falls, Arizona, USA
Image 3  Iguazú Falls, Brazil and Argentina
Image 4 Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

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24 Light and Shadow Photography for Inspiration

This gorgeous photograph is one of 24 light and shadow ones to rev up your creative abilities.  I love B & W photos.  They portray vivid dramatic images that I think you might want to try  to emulate.  Here’s another sample:

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