The Hottest Quarantine Pastime and Fashion Trend

People are obsessed with tie-dying their clothes

Article by Darcy Schild of Insider

There might be a shortage of jigsaw puzzles on Amazon, but for many people, purchasing a tie-dye kit and transforming an otherwise plain outfit into a rainbow masterpiece is the next best way to unwind and find joy while stuck at home.

a girl standing in a room © Lauren Riihimaki, LaurDIY/YouTube; Jordyn Rebecca/YouTube

Search terms like “DIY tie-dye” and “tie-dye sweatsuit” surged in popularity on Google and YouTube the last week of March, and tie-dye kits are among Amazon’s current best sellers in Arts, Crafts, & Sewing.

The process for creating the vibrant print isn’t anything new, but the nostalgia factor of tie-dying, plus the ease and ability to find tutorials online, is making it a popular quarantine past time.

The tie-dye craze is being fueled by YouTube and TikTok creators

Several YouTube creators have recently leaned into tie-dying, pegging the colorful activity as the ultimate social distancing boredom cure.

For example, “Tie Dyeing Everything In My Closet Cuz I’m Stuck At Home” by YouTube creator Lauren Riihimaki, also known as LaurDIY, has received more than half a million views in a little over a week.

Other YouTube hosts, such as Kristee Vetter, Jordyn Rebecca, and Brooke Miccio, have shown thousands of viewers how they transformed plain sweatsuits purchased from Amazon for $20 or less into Urban Outfitters-worthy loungewear sets – which can retail for hundreds of dollars – using tie-dye kits and bleach.

TikTok is also a tie-dye treasure trove in its own right, with tons of tutorials that show users how different techniques and supplies, like bleach (and even toilet cleaner that contains bleach), can be used to achieve certain patterns or effects.

25 Simple and Casual Summer Outfit Ideas

When the summer comes, you need to change your outfit from the season before as it will force you to wear something different to correspond the weather since each season has its own weather characteristic. It may sounds troublesome but coziness is an important part that will affect your mood in a day so just stop complaining and find some gorgeous outfits for this summer. Looking for the right summer outfit won’t be that hard while it will only need something simple and it doesn’t need any addition layer because the weather is warm. By its simplicity, casual outfit is going to be the most popular choices among the girls as it brings out fun and easy look that will fit with the season.

Here are a few ideas for 2020 casual summer wear:

Summer outfit with ripped jeans

Summer outfit with short skirt

Summer outfit with white blazer

Summer outfit with white striped black dress

Summer outfit with white jeans

Find more summer casual ideas at:

Cute Swimsuits

I know what’s happening on the beaches, swimming pools and cruises right now, BUT it won’t always be this way.  We will get back to normal and what better way to wait it out is to dream a little.  That country, that island, that beach, that ship, that swimsuit !  Yes, swimsuit.  Are you ready for summer ?  Take a peak at some really cute suits.  Then get dreaming where you’d love to wear it.  Read on:

Iyasson Blank Memory Stripe Bikini Set #femaleswimwear

25 Varieties Of Bikinis To Put on This Summer time  2020 #bikini2020 #Bikinis #Summer #Types

Bikini trendy bra & bikini sets, fashion bra & bikini sets with competitive price |

SWIM – Pink Desert

Two piece bathing suit

Women Teal Floral Ruffles Trim Shirred Bandeau High Waist Sexy Bikini - XL

That’s all for this edition.  I may post another edition if you enjoyed this one.

In the meantime, stay well …..and keep dreaming !

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Dressy Shorts for Summer

As a public service to my readers, I must inform you of a variety of fashion trends sweeping the country.  Therefore, I feel it my duty to submit an article that does just that-informs you of a fashion trend.  Pay no attention to the beautiful models as they are just showcasing the apparel.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it !  Read on:

An article by Maison de Cinq

Dressy shorts. A contradiction in terms, right? However, I have seen them more and more in the last few years, and I must say, I’m a convert!

Previously, I always thought of shorts as casual, and I really only wore them with flip flops or Converse sneakers. However, dressy shorts worn out at night with heels can be such a cute look! I admit, I am not a skirt wearing person for the most part, so I guess they speak to me. They are short (like a skirt) but way, way more comfortable. And sexy!

They look great with a blouse, a blazer or a loose tank top. Heels are the way to go if it’s an evening out, but for a dressy lunch or day event, they are really cute with flats as well. I think they are a great option when you are not sure how dressy an event will be and you are torn between a dress and pants. Obviously, they are not appropriate for some events (a wedding is one that comes to mind) but for dinners out, drinks with friends, or a summer party, I think they are a great choice. I’m even seeing them on the red carpet! And for those of you who aren’t comfortable in shorts, just go a little longer. Knee length or almost-to-the-knee shorts are adorable with heels, and no different than a skirt – only cuter!


dressy shorts white sweater cute summer style outfit
Honestly, is this not the cutest?! We can’t see her shoes, but I could see a heel with this for dinner out or dressier flats for a lunch date. Via Lovely Pepa.


dressy shorts with sweater cute summer street styleHere she’s wearing flats, but the whole outfit is elevated way beyond the average cut-offs and tee. Perfect for walking the streets of Rome or doing some afternoon shopping! Via J.Crew.


dressy shorts black and black blouse red carpet summer fashion ali larterAli Larter at a red carpet event. This is the outfit that sold me on dressy shorts! Via Pop Sugar.

These Hair Colors Will Be Everywhere This Spring

By Jennifer Aldrich and BH&G

As a new season nears, it’s time to revitalize your hair with a fresh color (and maybe a healthy trim, depending on the state of your tresses). Although it can be tempting to go as light as possible when the warmer months roll around, professional colorist Elle Hegarty from Ian McCabe Studio in Washington D.C. says it’s time embrace lower-maintenance colors and healthy hair. And she’s not the only one who loves well taken care of locks: Google searches for “natural hair color” have remained consistently high in the past five years, and queries peak right before springtime.

Hegarty, a graduate of Paul Mitchell Academy, has spent the last five years mastering her technique at salons and barbershops, as well as high-end beauty brands Butter London and Cover FX. She exclusively uses the balayage technique on her clients, which involves hand-painting highlights on the hair. The end result is a natural look that maintains the hair’s integrity. The best part: it doesn’t need to be maintained as often as foil highlights since it doesn’t have the harsh start-line highlights are notorious for having. Plus, the grow-out is beautiful. “I don’t think it’s healthy to highlight too frequently,” Hegarty explains. “The longer you can go, the healthier your hair will be.” Hegarty, who shows off her expertise on her Instagram page, reveals her five favorite spring hair color trends to try this year.

toasted strawberry hair
Courtesy of Elle Hegarty
Toasted Strawberry Blonde

For warm-toned blondes, playing on the golds can result in a gorgeous rosy hue. “It looks more like ‘I go to the beach all summer’ as opposed to ‘I go to the salon all the time,'” Hegarty explains. She says her clients with this color come in once every four months and also stop in for gloss treatments in between colorings.

caramel ribbons hair
Courtesy of Elle Hegarty
Caramel Ribbons

For those with dark hair, brunette highlights are the way to go because they cause minimal harm to the hair and are fairly low-maintenance. Hegarty says she doesn’t like putting blonde highlights on darker tresses. “It doesn’t look believable and is very damaging.” This look only requires highlights twice per year, but she does ask clients to stop in every six to eight weeks for a gloss treatment to tone the color and gives strands a healthy shine.

sandy beaches hair
Courtesy of Elle Hegarty
Sandy Beaches

Icy blonde is breathtaking for those who like to be bold, but this subtler side of the spectrum is ideal for a more natural look. As far as blondes highlights go, Hegarty says this option is relatively low-maintenance and only requires a salon trip once every three to four months. However, a good at-home regimen is essential to keeping blonde hair healthy between visits. She recommends Milbon hair products, such as the Plarmia Hairserum Shampoo, $23 on Amazon.

dark chocolate dream hair
Courtesy of Elle Hegarty
Dark Chocolate Dream

Spring isn’t always about going super light. Dark brunette highlights on black hair are both beautiful and easy to maintain. Hegarty says this look only requires color once per year (yes, really) and a gloss every four months. “I love this for my clients who are such a dark level,” Hegarty says. “It’s just so pretty.”

carrot cake hair
Courtesy of Elle Hegarty
Carrot Cake

If you tried pumpkin spice hair for fall, this red might be the next hue for you. For blondes, this color requires root touch-ups and a gloss treatment roughly every eight weeks, but only needs a full painting once per year. Brunettes should get colored two to three times per year with a gloss treatment every eight weeks. Hegarty loves this rich auburn on clients with fair complexions that have a pink undertone, but be aware that it’s long-lasting. “Red is one of the hardest colors to remove,” Hegarty explains. “If someone decides they want red, that’s what they’re going to be for the foreseeable future.” The process of going back to the original color is time-consuming and, if rushed, can damage the strands.

Thanks to Jennifer for this dose of springtime dreaming.

Spring Street Style Ideas For Men’s Inspiration

by Rashty Alexa and Rohayati

OK gents.  Your turn.

Spring street style is one style that can be used by men. Spring symbolizes the start of new things and rebirth. Warm weather can revitalize plants, which can add color to outdoor areas. Dress for the season by adding color and vigor back to your wardrobe. Start by removing clothing with soft material that can keep you cool when the weather warms up.

Spring is synonymous with bright colors with a variety of sweet motifs. However, in spring you don’t always have to wear brightly colored clothes, especially if you are male. You can combine it with neutral color outfits with brightly colored clothes. Or you can also try other styles that you can use in spring.

One style that you can use in spring is street style. Street style is a style of fashion that was popularized by fashion bloggers as a place to express freedom of style in dress. Now, street style has been recognized by the world as a good fashion reference that can be copied. Spring street style is the perfect blend. Because we will not only get clothes that are comfortable to wear but also attract attention.

Best Outfits Men
Best Outfits Men –
Casual Outfits
Casual Outfits –
Cool Man Style
Cool Man Style –
Korean Men Style
Korean Men Style –
Men Bussiness Casual
Men Business Casual –
Men Casual Spring
Men Casual Spring –
Men Fashion Casual
Men Fashion Casual –
Men Jeans Fashion
Men Jeans Fashion –
Men Spring Casual
Men Spring Casual –
Men's Casual Spring Outfits
Men’s Casual Spring Outfits –
Mens Casual Style
Men’s Casual Style –
Men's Fashion
Men’s Fashion –
Men's Street Fashion
Men’s Street Fashion –
Outfits Men
Outfits Men –
Sport Outfits Man
Sport Outfits Man –
Spring Fashion
Spring Fashion –
Spring Man Ideas
Spring Man Ideas –
Spring Man Style
Spring Man Style –
Spring Men
Spring Men –
Style Coat
Style Coat –

Those are some street clothes ideas that you can use in spring, hopefully inspiring you to experiment with color and pattern.

15 Chic Daily Outfits Collections That Women Should Try

by Rashty Alexa  and Rohayati

Daily Outfits are clothes that are worn when doing daily activities. Every day is very valuable to us and does not pass it up without something meaningful. Maximize your days with a simple style but still, fashionable can be one of the ideas so that you can look up to spend your day.

Today there are many styles of clothing that are in great demand by people. Outfits style can be a way to express one’s personality. The selection of everyday clothes can accurately describe the lifestyle, mood, and feelings you want to display. Especially women’s style of dress.

Women who are identical to beauty are very concerned about fashion. This is evident from the start he wore from makeup, hairstyles, clothes, to footwear. Therefore, finding the right clothing model is very important to be considered by women. Not only outfits to attend events that are noticed by them, but also outfits that are used daily are no less a concern.

For you ladies, you should choose outfits, use outfits that make you comfortable for day-to-day activities, whether you are going to go out for a hangout or just attend an event or just stay at home. Because if you wear clothes that are not appropriate and become uncomfortable, we might feel weird looking in those clothes. You can also mix and match your clothes so they don’t break easily. Mix dark or neutral colors with light colors.

Bussiness Casual
Business Casual –
Casual Ideas
Casual Ideas –
Casual Look
Casual Look –
Casual Spring Outfits
Casual Spring Outfits –
Cute Teen Outfits
Cute Teen Outfits –
Denim Ideas
Denim Ideas –
Denim Style
Denim Style –
Dress Ideas
Dress Ideas –
Floral Dress
Floral Dress –
Jeans Outfits
Jeans Outfits –
Outtits Ideas
Outfits Ideas –
Summer Fashion
Summer Fashion –
White Top and Black Pants
White Top and Black Pants –
Women Outfits
Women Outfits –
Women Summer Outfits
Women Summer Outfits –

Those are some daily outfits collections ideas that you can try.  Here is a link to their website:


The Top 5 Fashion Trends That Will Rule 2020

If nothing else, I am all about fashion. Right ?  Well, maybe you are.  And if you are, you’ll want to read all about this year’s fashion trend because that’s the kind of person you are.  So dive into this year’s predictions courtesy of

“Without further adieu, here are the top fashion trends we’re sure will hit big in 2020—and how to shop them now and be ahead of the curve.”

1. Western Wear

Street Style, Spring Summer 2020, New York Fashion Week, USA - 07 Sep 2019


Fashion stylist Courtney Sharp wants us to know that the western trend can’t stop, won’t stop in 2020. “Especially cowboy boots,” she tells StyleCaster. “I think we’re going to see that a lot more, especially in the summer.”

2. Power Suits

Street Style, Fall Winter 2019, Paris Fashion Week, France - 05 Mar 2019


Maybe it’s because the 2020 presidential election is here or perhaps we just love a good co-ord set—either way, the power suit is back, and we couldn’t be more excited. The key is to keep it monochromatic. Shirts are optional. And you win extra points if your suit is oversized and slouchy.

3. Voluminous Silhouettes

Street Style, Spring Summer 2020, Paris Fashion Week, France - 29 Sep 2019


According to Sharp, there’s a high chance that we’re going to see a lot of puffy sleeves and architectural silhouettes. She tells StyleCaster that there will be “a lot of volume in the kind of material—like organza and tulle—and tiered, floofy bits.”


4. Marabou & Ostrich Feathers

Street Style, Fall Winter 2019, Haute Couture Fashion Week, Paris, France - 01 Jul 2019



The early 2000s are back, and I’m so ready for it. First, I’d like to start by saying thank you to Maddy Perez from the HBO drama “Euphoria” and her glittery homecoming outfit for this ostrich feather revival.

5. Not Your Average Leather

Street Style, Spring Summer 2020, Milan Fashion Week, Italy - 20 Sep 2019



Tired: black leather jackets. Wired: Literally any other color and style of leather. Leather will be big in 2020, but as an earth-toned overshirt, jumpsuit, or even trousers.

Well that’s it from me.  Oh there’s much more at this web site, for those who are more adventure-minded:

The Trendiest Hair Colors for Winter

Slide 2 of 23: This ultra-flattering warm blonde, seen on the likes of Gigi Hadid, is “an ashy golden beige,” according to Stephanie Brown, Master Colorist at IGK Salon Soho in New York City.


Slide 16 of 23: You don't need to dye your hair purple to make a dramatic statement this winter. Long, black hair like Kim Kardashian's stands out, yet looks natural with all skin tones.

Slide 21 of 23: Amy Adams's glossy auburn is exactly what your winter hair Pinterest was missing. Why? Her red is vibrant, yet not brassy.

Slide 13 of 23: Already blonde or platinum blonde? Try an icy hue  like Cara Delevingne's for winter. Bonus: The rigorous upkeep means more time spent indoors at a warm and cozy hair salon.

Slide 10 of 23: If you're stuck between blonde and brunette, get the best of both worlds with a soft fade from dark roots to blonde hair. To brighten your look on dark winter days, frame your face with blonde pieces like Margot Robbie.

Slide 8 of 23: Take red hair a few notches warmer for winter with a dusky crimson shade. Zendaya's shade has hints of chardonnay red with onyx and auburn accents for dimension.

Slide 6 of 23: “For brunettes with almost black hair, like Lizzo or Shay Mitchell, look for an almost gold undertone for the hair,” Brown suggests. “It should almost be like gold flecks are reflecting off of it.”

Slide 4 of 23: Billie Eilish’s signature look may be daring, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be trending. “I think people will like to play around with a version of this look by starting out with platinum hair, dying the roots one color, and leaving the ends either platinum or dying it another,” predicts Brown. “Pastel colors would be ideal for this look,” she adds.


Photos by Getty Images

Article By:  Bazaar and Halie Lesavage and Lindy Segal