A sampling of trending swimwear for 2020.  Time to get ready for spring !



The Bandeau - Print: Cabana Stripe

The Bandeau – Print


The Comeback of Animal Print

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Animal Printed Swimsuits & Bikinis

Flirty Florals

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Floral Printed Swimsuits & Bikinis


Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Tie-Dye Swimsuits & Bikinis

High Waisted Bottoms

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: High Waisted Bikini Bottoms


One piece swimwear trends 2020

One piece swimwear trends 2020

Stripes on womens swimsuits 2020

Stripes on womens swimsuits 2020

Tropical prints in womens swimwear 2020

Tropical and animal prints in womens swimwear 2020





New Year, New You !


These Are the 5 Hair Color Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2020

Slide 2 of 18: One of the new year's biggest hair color trends will remind you of cozy nights curled up by the fireplace with a hot toddy in hand: cinnamon swirl. "Rich auburns have merged into Winter with a luxurious tone-on-tone finish," Papanikolas said. "The best versions have a deep mahogany base color with cinnamon accents."
If you have dark hair to begin with, he recommends keeping the auburn color within two shades of your natural color. "Going any lighter than this can result in brassy tones," he said. Ditto if you have lighter hair but want to go into this ashier territory: stay within two shades. "Any darker can look harsh and inky."

Slide 5 of 18: 2020 Hair Color Trend: Cinnamon Swirl

Slide 6 of 18: Buttercream frosting might be your favorite holiday treat, but it's also a huge forecasted color for blondes in 2020. "These tones can range from light iridescent gold blonds, light to medium gold, and light to medium warm gold hues," Kaeding said. "A perk to the buttery cream and champagne blond hair color is that you can easily try these hues without having to make a big change."
"A perk to the buttery cream and champagne blond hair color is that you can easily try these hues without having to make a big change"
Papanikolas echoes the sentiment that buttery blond will be a huge trend in the new year and suggests you bring certain instructions to your colorist for the most optimal results: "To get this color, lift the base one shade after your highlights to illuminate the color and give a soft golden finish," he said. Then, he recommends using purple-based shampoos at home to help maintain the color.

Slide 7 of 18: 2020 Hair Color Trend: Buttercream Blond


OK.  I know.  There are 3 more colors I haven’t posted.  But I have presents to buy and wrap so I  need to go.  However, you can see the other colors just by clicking below.

And have a wonderful Christmas !





The Trendiest Hair Colors for Winter

Slide 2 of 23: This ultra-flattering warm blonde, seen on the likes of Gigi Hadid, is “an ashy golden beige,” according to Stephanie Brown, Master Colorist at IGK Salon Soho in New York City.


Slide 16 of 23: You don't need to dye your hair purple to make a dramatic statement this winter. Long, black hair like Kim Kardashian's stands out, yet looks natural with all skin tones.

Slide 21 of 23: Amy Adams's glossy auburn is exactly what your winter hair Pinterest was missing. Why? Her red is vibrant, yet not brassy.

Slide 13 of 23: Already blonde or platinum blonde? Try an icy hue  like Cara Delevingne's for winter. Bonus: The rigorous upkeep means more time spent indoors at a warm and cozy hair salon.

Slide 10 of 23: If you're stuck between blonde and brunette, get the best of both worlds with a soft fade from dark roots to blonde hair. To brighten your look on dark winter days, frame your face with blonde pieces like Margot Robbie.

Slide 8 of 23: Take red hair a few notches warmer for winter with a dusky crimson shade. Zendaya's shade has hints of chardonnay red with onyx and auburn accents for dimension.

Slide 6 of 23: “For brunettes with almost black hair, like Lizzo or Shay Mitchell, look for an almost gold undertone for the hair,” Brown suggests. “It should almost be like gold flecks are reflecting off of it.”

Slide 4 of 23: Billie Eilish’s signature look may be daring, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be trending. “I think people will like to play around with a version of this look by starting out with platinum hair, dying the roots one color, and leaving the ends either platinum or dying it another,” predicts Brown. “Pastel colors would be ideal for this look,” she adds.


Photos by Getty Images

Article By:  Bazaar and Halie Lesavage and Lindy Segal


9 fashion trends inspired by the 2000s that are coming back in style

Attention fashionistas.  There is this rumbling coming from the 2000’s that is beginning to catch some attention  Check out these fashion trends making a big comeback.

By Amanda Krause and Insider


The fashion industry is feeling nostalgic for the early 2000s.

From Urban Outfitters to Fashion Nova, shoppers can now find clothes and accessories that look like they were plucked from the early aughts. Puka shell necklaces are available to buy online, and heeled flip flops seem to be a favored footwear choice among celebrities.

Here’s a look at some of the 2000s-inspired fashion trends that are coming back in style.

Slide 2 of 10: 
  Between the '90s and early 2000s, just about everyone owned a
  pair of platform sandals. Steve Madden's classic black shoes were
  especially popular, known for their giant rubber soles and thick
  elastic bands. 

  Back in April, Steve Madden 
  brought the sandals back exclusively at Urban Outfitters, and

  they're still available to buy today for $70.

Slide 3 of 10: 
  Throughout the early aughts, button-up cardigans were a staple in
  many wardrobes. The garments were typically worn over camisole
  tank tops, though some people also wore them as tops.

  Thanks to celebrities like 
  Bella Hadid, the style is popular once again in 2019. Even
  stores like Forever 21 are now offering button-up cardigans, like
  Faux Pearl Button-Front Cardigan ($25).

Slide 4 of 10: 
  Though headbands were already popular in the '90s, 
  Blair Waldorf from "Gossip Girl" made them even more so in
  the early 2000s. Now, with 
  a reboot in the works, headbands are having a resurgence. 

  At the time of this post, stores like 
  Bloomingdales and 
  Nordstrom are selling high-end versions of the accessories,
  like the 
  Embellished Knot Headband by designer Lele Sadoughi ($150).
  also has more affordable options.

Slide 5 of 10: 
  From Kim Kardashian West to Rihanna, celebrities can't get enough
  of the divisive footwear trend. The latter star seems to be one
  of the first stars to bring the trend back from the 2000s,
  debuting heeled flip flops during the Fenty Puma By Rihanna
  runway show in 2017.

  Since then, other stars have also donned the shoes, while brands
  ASOS and 
  Yeezy have started to sell their own versions. Designers like
  Jeffrey Campbell also sell versions, such as the 
  Thong 2 Slide Sandals ($49.95) pictured above.

    Read more: 
  Celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian are bringing
  high-heeled flip flops back from the early 2000s

Slide 6 of 10: 
  Once a 
  status symbol of the early 2000s, neon tracksuits are now a
  nostalgic nod to fashion of the past. The two-piece sets started
  to come back
  last year, and now it's common to find retailers such as
  Fashion Nova selling pieces like the 
  Original Trendsetter Velour Set ($29.99).

Slide 7 of 10: 
  While celebrities bring back trends they previously wore 10 years
  ago, members of Gen Z are taking ownership of styles created
  before they were born.

  For example, VSCO girls are known for wearing 
  necklaces made from seashells, which were first popular
  between the '90s and 2000s. Retailers such as Urban Outfitters
  are capitalizing on the trend with items like 
  the Pacific Palms Shell Necklace ($18).

Slide 8 of 10: 
  Arguably one of the best things about tie dye is that it can be
  worn in numerous ways, from T-shirts to accessories. Thanks to
  its versatility - as well as a 
  hectic political climate - the print is now back in style.
  AGOLDE Richie Tie-Dyed Sweatshirt ($158) is just one example
  on the market.

Slide 9 of 10: 
  Last year, tube tops began popping up in stores and online.
  Celebrities also put 
  their own twists on the style, bringing back a trend that is
  still going today. Not only is Forever 21 selling versions of the
  top - like the 
  Velvet Glitter Tube Crop Top ($9.99) - but so are brands like

  Revolve, and H&M.

Slide 10 of 10: 
  If you miss the oversized, colorful sunglasses of the early
  aughts, don't fret. Colored lenses are back in style, with brands
  Opening Ceremony and Guess
  - which sells the Originals
  Pink Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($49), pictured above - offering
  versions of the look.

      Read more:

        Rihanna wore a strapless dress with heeled
        flip flops for a look that'll take you back to the early

        Styles keeps his clothes in a 'giant refrigerator' with
        24-hour surveillance to preserve them

        woman makes thousands of dollars a day as a hand model, but
        her job requires more hard work than you might think

        Factory workers who make Lululemon
        leggings say they're beaten, humiliated, and earn as little
        as $106 per month, a new report says

Thanks, Amanda.  I guess the moral is don’t throw anything away because you never know…


13 Ways to Fake That You Have a Home Security System and Deter Burglars

Send burglars running with these fake home security system options.


You can DIY a convincing home security system

Woman entering security pin password on home security alarm keypadDaniel Jedzura/Shutterstock

There are plenty of safety tips that could save your home from a break-in. One tip is to install a security system, but you might be able to fake that if you invest in a few select products. Click on to see the products to help fake a home security system and deter burglars.

Note: Prices listed were accurate as of press time; pricing fluctuations may occur.

Simple fake security camera

Cameravia amazon.com


For an inexpensive but effective way to deter burglars, try this faux home security system option. It closely resembles a real camera and features an activation light. It installs quickly and easily, to the ceiling or wall, with the included screws. Cameras might prevent thieves, but these signs your house is vulnerable to being robbed point to the opposite.

Fake security keypad

codevia amazon.com


This fake security keypad features an automatic light sensor that lights up the pad at dusk, making it an even more realistic-looking deterrent. At the sight of the device, burglars will likely step away and leave your home alone! Buying one of these fake security systems might keep burglars our, but if they get in, they won’t find your expensive items thanks to these genius secret hiding places for your valuables.

Beware of dog sign

via amazon.com


If a burglar has been attacked by a dog before, they might not want to take their chances again. This sign takes it a step further with, “You have been warned. Not responsible for injury or death.” Yikes! Decals may deter less-experienced thieves, which is one of the things every homeowner needs to know.

Fake security system sign for your yard

signvia amazon.com


Security yard signs are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to deter criminals. BrickHouse Security offers high-quality weatherproof signs. If someone scans the QR code in the center of the sign, it will bring them to a webpage informing them that your home is protected by BrickHouse Security technology. If you’re making any of these security mistakes, however, experts say your home is at risk for a break-in.

Fake security dome camera with flashing red LED light

via amazon.com


When burglars survey a home or business, they’re likely to look up to see if there’s a camera in sight. The dome camera is a classic security option that will easily be spotted by the bad guys. You can also mix dummy and real cameras to increase your security at a fraction of the cost of all real cameras. Make sure you cover the places where smart homeowners install security cameras.

Home security window or door decals

Decalsvia amazon.com


A little window decal can go a long way. If a burglar sees it before breaking into your home, it might make them think twice about entering. “These are great. We bought them after a break-in at our home. We’ve suffered no break-ins since, but I doubt that speaks to the effectiveness of the product. They look real and we’re hoping they work as a deterrent to the next assailant who thinks they want to enter our home,” one Amazon reviewer says. And yes, burglars usually watch the house before breaking in, so look for the sneaky signs your house is being watched.

Motion sensor dog barking alarm

via amazon.com


You might not have a dog, or perhaps your pup is on vacation with you, but the sound of a vicious dog may be enough to send burglars running. When motion is detected, a dog barking sound will be set off with this alarm system. Home security system installers share tips that will keep you and your home safe and secure.

Wall-mount high-power motion sensor scream box

via amazon.com


This powerful infrared motion sensor speaker allows you to record your own custom sounds that will play back when the sensor is triggered. And, because it’s an infrared sensor, it will work in total darkness, so even a criminal avoiding the plane of light will be caught off guard! You can record multiple sounds of your choosing. Sometimes a simple, “Hello? Who’s out there?” will do just the trick! If you’re thinking about purchasing a home security system to protect your property and valuables, opt for one of the best home security systems, according to experts.

Fake TV

Fakevia amazon.com


You don’t have to keep your TV on for hours or even days to deter burglars. This small box that emits light to mimic the color and scene transitions of television programming will give burglars the impression that you’re home and watching TV. Although, the TV room isn’t the first room burglars check for valuables.

There’s more security items at:



Harley Announces a Trike For 2020

Slide 1 of 6: 2020 Harley-Davidson CVO Tri Glide

Wow.  A Harley Trike.  They said it would never happen.  They said it was sissified.  Well. here it is and it looks pretty cool.  At about $50k, it should be.  The CVO Tri Glide will be rolled out in limited production for 2020.

I wonder if it will have the same Harley sound that we have come to know and hate, uh, love.  Sorry.  Many of us have sensitive ears and can hear that familiar roar of a Harley from blocks away.  This one looks tame though.  Happy trails !

12 Back-to-School Essentials Even Adults Would Love

There’s no reason not to study in style.



Back-to-school shopping season is well underway, and after a fun-filled summer, kids are likely anxious about hitting the books again. To make the transition easier for them—and you—take the time to shop for a selection of stylish back-to-school supplies.

We’re here to make your shopping experience stress-free by rounding up some of the best school goodies you can find online right now. There are items for a good range of ages, from the elementary school student in need of a playful shelf to jazz up their room’s decor to the college student seeking affordable cotton sheets that will last all year long.

1 The French Blue Polka Dots Sheet Set

Crane & Canopy


Add personality to a drab dorm room with this cotton sheet set in a polka dot pattern.


2 80s Retro Geometric Backpack



Set your kid up for success with this geometric patterned backpack that can hold a laptop up to 15 inches. Plus, it has adjustable shoulder straps and a roomy front pocket for supplies.


3 Handheld Garment Steamer

JC Penney
BLACK+DECKER jcpenney.com


Your child will have no excuse to wear a wrinkled shirt with this perfectly-sized garment steamer, which heats up in under a minute.


4 Black + Blum Orange Stainless Steel Lunch Box

PB Teen


Any lunch would look more appetizing when stored in this stainless steel box, complete with flatware and a sauce pot.


5 Collapsible Green Storage Bins

Home Depot
Home Decorators Collection homedepot.com


Keep clutter at bay all semester long with these collapsible storage bins featuring wood handles.

6 Mackenzie Gray Classic Camo Reflective Lunch Boxes

Pottery Barn Kids


This weather-resistant lunch tote features a monogram—the perfect detail to make your child feel extra special.


7 Commute Laptop Sleeve

Mark & Graham


A durable laptop sleeve is an essential for any student, and this leather design, which can be monogrammed, fits the bill.


8 Mac n’ Cheese Giraffe Wall Shelf

Drew Barrymore Flower Kids walmart.com


Hollywood star and mother of two Drew Barrymore just released her Flower Kids home decor collection, and we’re pretty sure that this vibrant giraffe-shaped bookshelf would put a smile on your kid’s face.

9 Rainbow Dots Shade with Alligator Lamp Base

Drew Barrymore Flower Kids walmart.com


Any kid would appreciate this personality-packed table lamp with an alligator base.


10 Wink Trinket Tray

Now House by Jonathan Adler amazon.com


A graphic tray to store everything from jewelry to keys.


11 Navy Constellations Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Novogratz amazon.com


Dress up a bare wall with this removable constellations wallpaper.


12 2019-2020 Academic Planner

The Time Factory target.com


Keep your favorite student organized with this academic planner boasting a classic gingham pattern.