Standard Deviation is like algebra. You will never use, it but need to know it.


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But….but, what if you’re listening to the news, right, and you hear politician so-and-so lead  is  x % within 1 standard deviation of the other politician.  You can now nod your head because you know what it means.  Right ?  It means you should be listening to music !

Going to an Asian Bistro this Weekend ?


You and you, too.  You’ve always wanted to use the chopsticks presented by your server, but couldn’t quite get up the courage to ask for instructions.  Well, now you don’t have to ask.  Below, compliments of, it’s explained how to use them.  Also, how not to use them.  So, take a moment to read and soon you will feel confident enough to try the chopstick challenge.




TG_109.png (980×4300)


Go ahead now.  Just do it !

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