How to be a Sigma Male?

Sigma males have several notable traits that make them good candidates for leadership in a social hierarchy. However, because of their self-sufficient and one nature, they are considered to be the more silent and mysterious version of an alpha male. This is why this personality type is the least common to find.

Despite their introverted nature, sigma males are still capable of friendships, relationships, and sometimes, even leadership if motivated by the right reasons and if done on their own terms.

Can I become a sigma male?

By now, you probably have more reason to decide whether you are a sigma male or not. If it’s the latter, the sigma male traits may have made some sort of appeal to you, and now you’re interested in if you can become one and how. It’s okay and totally understandable. Who doesn’t want to be a more attractive version of the alpha?

Do take note that becoming a sigma male can take years of experience, primarily because it isn’t exactly something that can be easily taught. But it’s not at all impossible to become a sigma male. You just have to awaken your inner sigma.

Practice the following ways to adapt the sigma personality.

  1. Be content with not being in the spotlight. Focus on getting your goals accomplished without needing everyone to know about your hard work.
  2. Do not seek other people’s validation. Free yourself of other people’s opinions and expectations of you. The only opinion that should matter is yours.
  3. When it comes to friends, choose quality over quantity. If a friendship doesn’t feel physically, emotionally, or mentally rewarding for you, then better not have it at all.
  4. Talk less and listen more. Spend more time in deep thinking and contemplation than wasting your energy in meaningless conversation that wouldn’t matter tomorrow.
  5. Depend only on yourself. Never expect someone else to come save you. Best equip yourself with essential skills, so you are capable of saving yourself.
  6. Be more self-aware. The key is to reflect and meditate more to get more in touch with your inner self.

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Want more advice?

1. Be confident

Believe in yourself and be confident about everything. Whether it’s a good or bad thing about you, trust yourself and avoid feeling insecure.

Act how you do when you’re all alone in all areas of your life. No, don’t show your vulnerabilities but be comfortable with your personality.

Even if you currently have more beta male personality traits, acceptance is the first step to being a sigma male. If someone criticizes you for not having any filter, ignore them like they don’t exist.

2. Avoid being aggressive in whatsoever situation

During crises, most people can’t stay calm. They naturally react to it and show their emotions easily. However, that gives away your weaknesses easily. Any enemy around you will take advantage of you once they notice it.

So, learn to mask your emotions when things go out of hand. Keep a poker face and don’t let others know your thoughts. If you’re extremely anxious, take a moment away from everyone and control yourself. Remember, the lone wolf walks alone and never lets the enemies know his thoughts.

3. Be friendly with your team members

If you’re in a team in your professional or academic life, be kind to everyone whether you’re a team member or the leader. Share your knowledge by leading by example. Don’t expect others to know everything. Be understanding of your team member’s troubles.

Don’t try to dominate them and instead be one of them. Be a reliable person but don’t depend on them. Never snatch others’ credit and let them get recognized for their effort.

4. Talk less and listen more

One of the major signs of being a sigma male is his silence. He’s in love with silence and even spends long hours away from others. He doesn’t talk much and relishes the silence. In silence, he notices many details and can make more aware decisions.

So, try to talk less, listen to others more without interruption, and keep all distractions away from yourself. You’ll also become a good listener like a sigma male this way.

5. Work on self-awareness

Be more aware of your flaws and perfections like a sigma male. He knows what he owns and lacks which helps him correct himself and thrive more than others. He always aims to improve himself and never feels shy about being in the wrong.

So, try to identify where you went wrong and what you must work on. If you don’t know how to work on yourself, seek help from trustworthy people. Or, if you can’t identify your flaws, ask them.

What to do if you’re a Sigma Male?

Being a sigma male is a glorious thing from afar… but only you know your struggles. Your life is a battle every day and your temperament doesn’t truly help you. So, to get rid of some inconveniences in your life, listen to me out…

1. Don’t push others away

You don’t like to expand your social circles. You feel more comfortable in a small circle because you dislike drama and even people with ill intentions. You can’t accept anyone in your circle easily because you know that ill-wishers can easily enter your life this way.

However, give others a chance before you judge them. You have every reason to be wary of others, but that doesn’t mean everyone is suspicious. Instead, take your time to understand them.

2. Take more aware risks

Being a sigma male, you love risks and want to feel challenged at every point of your life. You do things differently to experience the possible risks. But, what if the risks are too bad to handle?

Well, you’ll probably adapt to a different lifestyle. But if someone depends on you, it’ll change their life for the worse. You might demand them to become independent and improve their lifestyle by themselves. But consider their situation before you demand that.

3. Express yourself in close bonds

You’re a silent person and don’t talk a lot until it’s something valuable. That’s alright in any formal area like work, school, or any business place. But don’t do the same in your personal life, especially not to your close ones.

If you don’t express yourself, communication troubles will spring up from everywhere. Your loved ones will misunderstand you and a lot of drama will kick in. So, add honest and clear communication to your life. If you want space or some silent time, tell your people that along with the reasons.

4. Never avoid your basic responsibilities

You don’t like to commit or take responsibility and expect everyone to be self-dependent. However, do this only with your acquaintances. Control the same urges around your loved ones.

Suppose your family depends on you financially and they supported you until you grew up. Don’t leave them when they need your support. Even if you don’t like them, they are your responsibility, so don’t ignore them.

Or, if your lover is in trouble and you asked them to try to solve their issues independently. However, they still want your help. That’s an emergency, don’t ignore them. They are out of options, so help!

5. Improve your social skills

Due to your poor social skills, people often misunderstand your intentions. Just because you’re bored and disinterested in shallow conversations, you don’t seem eager to talk to them. The lack of emotional responses offends others and hurts your social connections.

You don’t want to make connections, but it can be useful later on. So, even if you exchange pleasantries for a few minutes, act more warmly. This is only possible if you practice socializing instead of avoiding it.

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