Happy Spring, Chicago !



It is April 27, right !  Not April 1st.  Is this a bad dream, or maybe mother nature’s dandruff ?  NOPE !!


Maybe 4-8 inches of spring today.  Will winter ever give up ?

“VEEP” Spoiler Alert

I need to rant again.  I’ve watched HBO’s series VEEP for I Think 7 seasons.  Thank God, this is its’ finale.  I have admittedly put up with much left-wing blatherings in the name of humor, because the show is a roadmap of political and moral stench that needs airing out.  And I really thought somehow it would all turn out Kumbaya at the last episode.

Here’s the spoiler, and one that has made me an ex-Veep viewer.  LIfe News describes it this way: Character on HBO’s “Veep” Can’t Wait to Kill Her Baby: “Less Talk, More Abortion”

Yes, that’s right.  For 3 episodes Amy, The VEEP’s right-hand woman, has been pregnant, the result of a one-nighter with a sex-addicted co-worker named Dan.

So, because Dan would make a lousy father, Amy makes a career decision to abort. Dan drives her to the clinic.  What happens at the clinic is very sad in that it treats a life as  just another throwaway piece of trash.  Life News quotes what happens in the examining room:  (BTW, this is all shown on tv)

“Then Amy and Dan are in the examining room with the abortionist. Amy is in such a rush to get the abortion over with that she brushes aside the option of ultrasound and barking, “Less talk, more abortion!” Dan even asks about a piece of equipment that he recognizes, obviously experienced in this situation.

Abortionist: I do need to warn you about some of the surgical risks involved.

Amy: Infection, bleeding, uterine perforation. Yep, 10-4. Body’s a wonderland. Can I just sign the consent form?

Abortionist: Per Iowa law, I do have to offer you the option of viewing the ultrasound.

Amy: Less talk, more abortion.

Abortionist: Patient has declined.

Amy: I am as sure… as I will be.

Dan: Is that the Berkeley VC-10? That’s like the Shelby Cobra GT of vag-vacs.

Abortionist: I’m sorry, who is this man?

Amy: That’s Dan.

Dan: Yeah, I’m the proud father-to-not-be.

It is as though Amy has to rush the process along before she changes her mind. At the end of the episode, Amy complains she “feels like someone shoved a red-hot pair of barbecue tongs up my joy trail” and begins to ask Dan if she made a mistake. Before she can finish she is interrupted by an incoming phone call from a campaign looking to hire her. She tells them, “You are in luck, because my schedule just got scraped clean.”

I know Amy had a right to do what she wanted with her body, it’s what got her into her predicament.  But Amy just wants to get it done and enter a new career path.  So, no tears, no what could have been, no maybe Dan would grow up and no hint of adoption in this girls career plan.


I don’t think HBO waited to run this episode during Christianity’s holiest week of Easter.  But then again, they are part of the liberal secular left.  I’ll leave that idea alone, as will I leave VEEP alone.  Goodbye Serena, Madam Vice-President.  And goodbye Dan and Amy.

Caution United Airline Costumers

I don’t usually rant on my blog, use a bit of sarcasm occasionally, but I need to tell you about this latest United pricing scam.  At first blush, Basic Economy sounds really good to us older, OK senior,  flyers.  It seems United is giving us  a pricing break.  Warning, warning !  On second thought, has United EVER given us seniors a price break ?  Hah !

Here’s my story.  I’m headed to Las Vegas for a 3 day workshop called, “The Money Show”.  I’ve attended before and have gotten some very usable advice on money matters pertaining to dividend bearing stocks.  Anyway, I book this amazing Basic Economy non-stop flight from Chicago to Las Vegas, perfect after-noon flight time and great price of $284us.  My other choice was Economy at $50 more.  So I think I’ve found a winner.  Thank you, United.  but……Hold on.  I have to choose a seat, not unusual, but have to pay $12 to reserve it.  Same for the return flight.  Otherwise, it’s like having a ticket but no seat and guess who would get kicked off an over-sold flight first.  Me !  So, not wanting to get bumped at the airport, I pay for the seat and ticket, now it’s $308 round trip.

However, I failed to completely understand United’s new carry-on policy.  There is none.  I mean Basic Economy passengers aren’t allowed to board with a full-size carry-on, just a small personal item, purse, briefcase, etc.  I’m confused at the language.  Does United mean a full size suitcase ?  I don’t understand what a full-size carry-on could be.  So, I attempt to speak with a customer service person.  I’m referred to United’s web site for baggage info.  So I log on and find out that, although the FAA allows a carry-on and a personal item, United has eliminated the carry-on item completely unless you have purchased the Economy plan or are a Premier member.  No such luck there.

The choice I have now is to stuff as much clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc. into my briefcase or pay $25 to check my carry-on (one way) and retrieve it at the luggage carousal at McCarran airport in Las Vegas.  Note:  United states that if you show up at check-in with your carry-on, it will be taken from you and put into the checked bag section.  Oh, you still pay the $25 baggage fee, but also a $25 admin fee (credit card only).  If you don’t pay, you will be bumped from the flight.  Now my super cheap flight of $284 will now cost $308 plus $50 for a round-trip baggage check, total so far $358. Sorry I forgot taxes and fees of $48 bringing the final total to $408.

How is this possible ?  I know, I shouldn’t have assumed United would be so generous, but really, $408 and that’s their version of Basic Economy.  Let’s review.  With Economy class you are allowed to bring a carry-on and personal item, and your seats are paid for with your ticket purchase. This is the way I have always traveled.  Shame on United to be so money-hungry as to think their loyal customers would stand by for this tactic.  I wonder if my seat will be on the wing some where.  Gotta pack them in and make more money !  Beware of Basic Economy.  It’s not quite the real deal that it appears.