20 Trendy Ideas For Designing Your Perfect Patio

Patios are all about expanding your living space to take advantage of the outdoors. With spring almost here, this is the time to start designing your perfect patio. Creating a patio doesn’t require a celebrity-sized budget. Here are 20 ideas to help you get started. Designer Lisa Moody recommended you start by thinking about how you want the space to function. Plan your space around what’s most important to you, she suggested. 

Do you want a place to put up your feet and relax, a place to cook and enjoy meals, or maybe a meditation spot? If you’re working from home, why not take it outside? Think about how far away you want to walk from your house. If your patio is a “destination” spot, you may want to get as far away as possible. Or, it makes more sense for you to set up your patio attached to your house or close to it. Once you’ve made a plan, it’s time to have fun putting it all together.

Identify Your Focal Point

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What is it that draws you outside? When you’re sitting on your patio do you want to gaze out at a particular view, watch the sunset or stare into the firepit? Don’t worry if your backyard doesn’t have a focal point, these ideas can help you create a backdrop and a focal point for your patio.

Identify Your Design Style

Patios can reflect your home’s decor or give you a chance to try something completely different. Your patio is an extra living space for a few months or most of the year. Choose the design elements that make a space that you’ll want to use as much as possible. 

It’s All About The Base

Your patio base creates a vibe and provides a surface for your furniture. There are options for every style and budget from simple pea gravel to wood or decking materials, and pavers. Whatever you choose, consider how it will feel to walk on, how furniture settles on it, and how much maintenance is needed.

Add Comfortable Seating

Seating options range from simple chairs and tables to loungers, couches, or benches. Seating helps create the atmosphere you want to enjoy whether it’s stretched out for a nap or leaning back to gaze at the nighttime stars. If you want to add some movement, consider an outdoor rocking chair, hammock or glider.

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10 Ways to Incorporate Sage Green Accessories into Your Home

If you’ve been seeing sage green in home stores, magazines, and on social media feeds, you’re not alone. Several paint companies named this light, earthy green hue as their color of the year in 2022—giving us the restorative, nature-inspired home decor trend many need after two years of living through a pandemic. Since color experts draw trends from global influences, fashion, and societal interests, it’s no surprise that organic colors are gaining the attention of consumers during this period of stress and uncertainty. 

“Sage is a lighter, more muted shade of green, so it creates a calming effect in just about any space in the home,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, to BHG in June of 2021. “It also has such strong ties to the greenery and nature that surrounds our home, so it really helps bring the outdoors in and make a space feel more grounded.”

Gathering sage green home decor inspiration from social media is one thing, but knowing how to incorporate the color in your home is more challenging. Fortunately, sage green pairs well with creamy whites, warm beiges, and natural textures—like wood, leather, jute, and rattan—making it easy to add throughout your home. And no matter if you’re shopping for bedding, bath accessories, furniture, or rugs, you’re sure to see an option in eye-catching shades of sage green. 

Ready to bring this serene color trend to your home? We browsed stores like Amazon, Wayfair, and Target to find the best sage green decor available to shop now. Keep scrolling to see our top 10 picks, including throw blankets, area rugs, duvet covers, curtains, and more home goods featuring the color. Best of all, most products are less than $50, so you can experiment with the trend without making a major investment.

Fancy Homi Pack of Two Sage Green Throw Pillow Covers

One of the simplest ways to stay on top of home color trends is by replacing throw pillows on chairs, sofas, and beds. This set of corduroy sage green throw pillow covers makes it easy to swap out existing decor to blend this color trend in any room. The soft covers come in several sizes, and they feature delicate pom-poms for a sweet touch.


Andency Pom Pom Fringe Duvet Cover

Speaking of pom-poms, this sage green duvet cover set features the detail on the hem of the cover and shams. The duvet cover is made of washed microfiber that’s lightweight and gets softer with each wash. With envelope pillowcases and a duvet cover with a zipper closure and corner ties, this set securely holds inserts and shams without sliding as you sleep.

FROM $28 (WAS $33), AMAZON

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H. Versailtex Blackout Curtains

Window curtains that block out the sun, provide privacy, and brighten up the mood in a room might seem too good to be true, but this sage green set does just that. The 100% microfiber polyester curtains are made with three layers of thermal-regulating technology that keep bedrooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Plus, they come in four sizes to fit most windows.


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Amélie Home Cable Knit Decorative Throw Blanket

This sage green cable-knit throw blanket is an easy addition to neutral furniture and bedding. The soft blanket is made from a blend of acrylic and wool yarn that’s lightweight yet warm enough to keep you cozy on movie nights. You can even throw it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle for effortless cleaning.


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Utopia Sage Green Towel Set

Yes, you can integrate the sage green into your bathroom, too, with this luxurious towel set. It includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths so you can stock your linen closet. And the 100% ring-spun cotton is soft, quick-drying, and super absorbent.

$29 (WAS $34), AMAZON

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If You See an Elephant Statue at a Front Door, This Is What It Means

That elephant statue has a deep symbolic meaning.

If you’ve ever completed an interior redecorating project, perhaps you’ve considered feng shui—the ancient Chinese practice of creating flow and balance in the home. This traditional practice encourages decluttering and organizing items in a way that brings positive energy to the space you’re designing. It also welcomes the addition of figurines that bring good fortune, like dragons, Mandarin ducks, or elephants.


Why have an elephant near the door?

In many cultures, an elephant symbolizes good luck, power, wisdom, and fertility. And because feng shui is intentional about the placement of items in of the home, decorating goes beyond surface-level style.

Elephant figurines placed inside the front door, near the home’s entrance, have two meanings:

  • An elephant statue in the foyer facing away from the door brings luck into the home.
  • An elephant facing toward the door protects the house. It guards your home against all sorts of negative energy.

Though placed with intention, elephant statues make great decor as well. You can find them in a variety of materials, though brass is the most popular.

Where else are elephants meaningful?

Keep in mind, the entryway of your home isn’t the only spot for an elephant statue. According to Housing.com, elephant figurines can be placed in other areas of the house for similar good fortune.

In the office. Here, the elephant statue meaning translates to wisdom and power and is meant to energize the workspace. Place a statue near your office door or keep a picture on the wall.

In the family room. Elephants in a family room or play space for children strengthen bonds between family members.

In a bedroom. Elephant decor in a bedroom emphasizes love and faithfulness. In a child’s room, the placement of an elephant represents knowledge and will bring academic success.

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