Your Goals, Your Passions, Stay Tuned

Hello !  The purpose of this blog is to help you discover you.  Your goals, your passions in life, and, what it is that you want to do with this thing called your life.  Some lucky people have known since childhood what their calling was to be. Todays teachers, who at an early age, would gather a group of neighborhood kids together and play teacher. Todays firemen as youngsters, would hang out at the nearest fire station dreaming of the day they would ride on a fire truck and help put out fires.  Todays writers as kids, would jot everything and anything down on a diary, journal, pad of paper, notebook, laptop, or whatever could be found to get their thoughts down for posterity.

How about you ?  Found your calling yet ?  If so, bravo for you.  If not, don’t despair.  Many, if not most,  find themselves wondering what to do with their lives. Not just in terms of employment, but in all areas of life.  Where to live, who to marry or not, hobbies, self-care, education and, yes, the goals, passions and achievements you want to identify and pursue.

Beginning next Monday, and thru out the week, I’m going to focus on the purpose of my blog by posting articles that I’m hoping will give you a sense of direction and identity after reading them. It will require some work and thought on your part.  But hey, it’s YOUR life that’s calling you to do something right now.

I hope you find value if reading them, and I wish you all the success in the world in your journey of discovery.


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