20 Plants to Use as Lawn and Garden Borders

Looking for low-maintenance garden border ideas? Use these attractive, easy-to-grow border plants to define your lawn and landscape edges naturally.

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There are lots of ways you can dress up your landscape, and the details make all the difference. Your choice of garden edging for lawn and garden borders is one detail that can help unify the whole while adding a touch of your personal style. You aren’t limited to plastic, metal, and stone for your edging and pathway projects. Why not consider a “living” edge, using plants to define the borders?

Plants create a natural appearance. They are dynamic, adding motion, attracting wildlife like birds and butterflies, and contributing to year-round color or bloom progression along garden paths and as flower bed edging. Plant borders also complement and soften the edges of hardscape elements like pavers, arbors, garden art, edging stones, and other outdoor structures.

A great border plant must be of a scale to fit within the overall landscape plan. It should stay in place without constant pruning. It must be suitable for the location and should not have acute pest or disease problems. The texture and color should complement the garden space.

Check out these 20 plants to use as lawn and garden borders by clicking the link.

The 20 Best Border Plants for Your Lawn and Garden – Bob Vila

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