The Kindness of an Amtrak Conductor

I’m closing out 2022 with a few photos of a kindness that I viewed several nights ago. The venue is the Amtrak station in La Plata, Missouri on a snowy, wintry night. The famed Southwest Chief had just pulled into the station, and I spotted the conductor doing something I hadn’t seen before. He was rolling 2 pieces of luggage down the platform. Note the two people at the far end of the platform.

Ok, I thought it was time for a crew change and he was leaving the train. But no. This is what he was really doing!

Look closely and you will see the two passengers holding white canes being assisted by the conductor.

He has their hands leading them to safety as they are visually disabled.

As he escorts them to a waiting relative.

That you, sir, for your graciousness on that cold night in La Plata.

Author: Dennis Hickey

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