Signs of a Vitamin D Deficiency

We wear sunscreen, stay inside (with jobs) more, it’s winter when there is less UV due to the sun being lower in the sky, so our diets are low in vitamin D.

Lisa Richards, a nutritionist and creator of the Candida Diet tells us, “Signs and symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency can easily be passed off as just a side effect of your busy and exhausting lifestyle. But, chronic fatigue and other symptoms can be signs of a serious vitamin D deficiency. Other surprising signs of vitamin D deficiency include hair loss, muscle pain, and depression.” Emma Louise Kirkham Women’s Hormone Health Coach & Dietary Supplements Advisor says, “Deficiency in vitamin D can be exhibited as back pains, joint pain or stiffness, muscular twitches or spasms, weakened bones, arthritis of osteoporosis, hair loss, tooth decay, fatigue and often getting ill. In addition to this women may experience premenstrual syndrome, PCOS or fertility struggles which are also linked to vitamin D deficiency (amongst other nutritional deficiencies).”

Dr. Jacob Hascalovici MD, PhD, Clearing Chief Medical Officer explains, “The benefits of vitamin D intake include protecting your bones, potentially helping stabilize your mood, and possibly fighting cancer. It’s clear that vitamin D is essential and that the body suffers if you do not get enough of it. It’s important not to exceed 4,000 IU per day, as too much vitamin D can contribute to nausea, vomiting, kidney stones, heart damage, and cancer.

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Author: Dennis Hickey

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