If You’re Home Alone for the Holidays, this is What to Do

Beyond sparing yourself the mental toll of family drama, being alone over the holidays presents a rare opportunity to celebrate in the way that you and only you want. So, yes, being home alone during the time of year usually marked by group revelry is tough for a number of reasons, it doesn’t have to be flat-out dull. Below, get dozens of ideas for what to do during holidays alone that’ll make you feel loved, entertained, and festive.

38 actually fun ideas for what to do during holidays alone

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Read every single book you said you wanted to read last year but didn’t

Every Christmas, I ask for five or six books, and read half of them in a week. The rest of the year, the remaining selects in my TBR pile remain totally neglected. If this is relatable, you might as well get back to reading more while you have a moment of quiet.

Bake some Christmas cookies and delight in not having to share

If you, like many Americans, find the entire process of baking soothing, feel free to try one of our healthy holiday cookie recipes. Or, you know, pre-cut chocolate chip cookie dough is always an option.

Or be more altruistic by making treats and sharing with someone in your neighborhood

To that end, it’s a great time of year to do a (zero-contact) dessert swap, so see if someone local might be interested.

Purge your wardrobe for clothes to donate

Many of us are quitting the hard-pants life for good in favor of matching sweatsuit sets. That’s no reason to let great jeans go to waste, though! So, take this opportunity to clean out your closet and share the sartorial wealth.

Put your physical photos into albums

If you can’t be with loved ones in person, embrace them another why by finally finding your old snapshots a permanent home.

These ideas are just srarters. Hit the link below more stay-at-home ideas.

What To Do During Holidays Alone? 38 Actually Fun Ideas | Well+Good (wellandgood.com)

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