Christmas Fruit Salad

This Christmas Fruit salad is the perfect combination of red and green fruits and is ideal for a Christmas dinner or holiday party!

This Christmas Fruit salad is one of my new favorites to make in the winter because it’s packed full of a delicious mix of flavors and textures with the different fruits.

Christmas Fruit Salad with red and green fruit

For my fruit salad I used red raspberries, red strawberries, and red pomegranate arils. For the green fruit I used green grapes, green kiwis, and green apple.

I like focusing the salad on some of my favorite fruit options that are available this time of year. And the red and green colors of this salad make it extra fun for Christmas dinner, holiday parties or other special occasions.

Other fruit options:

  • red apples
  • red grapes
  • cranberries
  • lingonberries
  • maraschino cherries
  • pears
  • honeydew

The fruits all come together so perfectly. And you can either squeeze a little lemon juice or lime juice on top to keep the apples from going brown. Or serve the fruit salad with a yummy honey poppyseed dressing.


Author: Dennis Hickey

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