Astrologically Speaking, 2023 Is Going To Be an Intense Time of Change

Here’s What’s in Store for Your Sign Next Year

As we wrestle with this massive collective change, we could also find ourselves re-evaluating relationships throughout 2023. In July, the north and south lunar nodes (aka fated points in the sky where the moon’s orbit intersects the Earth’s orbit around the sun) will shift into the opposite signs of Aries and Libra, respectively, which astrologer Stephanie Campos calls a relationships axis.

“The focus is on balancing our life path between ourselves and others,” she says of this transit. Specifically, we’ll be calling in the positive elements of Aries, like self-confidence and self-prioritization, and letting go of the shadow sides of Libra, like codependency and compensation. “We’ll be pushed to better assert our own needs and put ourselves first, while also figuring out how to work well with others,” she says.

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Below, astrologer Stephanie Campos shares her 2023 horoscopes for every zodiac sign

Aries: Self-reflection

Taurus: Abundance

Gemini: Community

Cancer: Reputation

Leo: Relationships

Virgo: Vulnerability

Libra: Balance

Scorpio: Collaboration

Sagittarius: Fun and joy

Capricorn: Home and family

Aquarius: Personal growth

Pisces: Financial change

How these collective and personal shifts are star-sanctioned to affect individual 2023 horoscopes will depend on the astrological houses they fall in for each sign.

Click below to learn more of Campos’s exclusive 2023 horoscope for your sign, so you can embrace the year in cosmic alignment.

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