‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Gives Fans a Stern Warning About What to Expect From Season 5

Not much is known about season 5 of Yellowstone. Everyone involved is notoriously hush-hush about the most-watched drama on television, but one star opened up and let fans know a little bit of what they can expect with the show returns on November 13. And we’re hanging on to every word.

Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd on Yellowstone © Cam McLeod

Forrie J. Smith plays ranch hand Lloyd Pierce. Forrie is a real-life cowboy and stuntman who began competing in the rodeo at age 8. And like his character, the actor doesn’t mince words.

When asked by KPRC2 Houston what fans can expect from season 5, he gave one word: “Surmising.” He continued by saying, “Everybody’s gonna be going, ‘what the hell’?”

Well, that sounds on-par with what we’ve come to expect from Yellowstone. Executive producer David C. Glasser gave fans a bit more to obsess over in an interview with TV Insider. He said, “Episode 1 will immediately surprise everybody—where our story starts and what has happened.” Season 4 ended with Beth and Rip’s wedding, Kayce’s vision, Jamie shooting his biological father, and Jimmy heading off for Texas. Will season 5 begin with a time jump?

Yellowstone released an intense teaser that has Kevin Costner’s John Dutton saying, “We’re going to show the world who we are, and what we do” paired with the message, “All will be revealed.”

All of these cryptic messages have us in a fever-pitch over season 5. The show returns on Paramount Network with two all-new episodes on November 13. If you’re wondering how to watch the first four seasons, you can stream them now on Peacock.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/yellowstone-star-forrie-j-smith

Author: Dennis Hickey

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