What most seniors would change if they could go back in time

If time travel were possible, a third of seniors would go back in time to relive a particular part of their lives (33%), according to new research.

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A survey of 2,000 Americans 65 and older found that 36% wish they had the knowledge that they have today about different areas of life – like love, finances or health – when they were younger; and this information may have been so valuable that the same percentage claim they would have made different decisions (36%).

If they could relive any decade of their life, seniors would mostly opt for their 30s (30%) or 20s (25%), remembering these as the happiest decades of their lives.

Conducted by OnePoll for BrightStar Care, the survey also found that if they had the chance to redo one major decision, people would have saved more money (20%) or invested earlier (14%), which may be why many wish they were better advised about money (39%) and education (38%) when they were younger.

Half of seniors admit they’ve received advice from someone they didn’t think much of at the time, but followed later on and similarly, 49% ignored some advice they were given.

Still, 36% said regardless of the past, they’re happy with their life as it is and the same percentage believe the errors, they made in the past benefitted them by teaching valuable life lessons in the long run.

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Source: What most seniors would change if they could go back in time (msn.com)

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