What is a Sigma Male

You often encounter the word “alpha male”, but have you ever heard of the term “sigma male?”

Most popularly referred to as the “lone wolf”, sigma males are typically considered to be the more silent and mysterious version of your typical alpha male.

They are the kind of guys that prefer being in their own company rather than in a group. Moreover, they only do things on their own terms, and they refuse to conform to authority or the world’s demands.

What is a sigma male?

The sigma male is one of six generally accepted male personalities dubbed from the letters in the Greek alphabet. The sigma male is simplest known for being an introverted version of an Alpha. They are cunning, self-confident, likable, and prudent.

The legendary retired hitman John Wick played by our favorite actor Keannu Reeves is the best definition of sigma male personality.


Among the other five personalities, the sigma male is considered the personality type with higher chances of challenging the dominance of an alpha male and actually winning. However, if not for the most righteous motivations, they’d usually just prefer to mind their own business away from the limelight.

Do these traits seem so familiar to you? Are you wondering if you possess the sigma male personality? Or know someone? Do you want to know if you can become a sigma male?

Sigma Male Notable Traits

1. Sigma males are mavericks.

2. Sigma males are self-sufficient.

3. Sigma males are practical.

4. Sigma males prefer blending in than being the center of attention.

5. Sigma males are deep and critical thinkers.

6. Sigma males are socially flexible.

7. Sigma males are effortlessly charismatic.

Is it rare to meet a sigma male?

Sigma males are considered the rarest of all six male personalities. Perhaps, the most logical explanation for this is because the sigma personality is full of contradictions. Given their goal-driven nature, they tend to focus more on spending time alone than in a social setting.

While sigma males bear the characteristics of an alpha male, their silent and mysterious nature keeps them away from the spotlight. This is why the existence of a sigma male personality can be known to only a few people.

Do sigma males fall in love?

Of course! They may be lone wolves, but they are very much capable of falling in love. It also helps that most of the characteristics of a sigma male (mysterious, independent) may seem so appealing to some women.

How do sigma males act in a relationship?

A sigma male preserves an old-fashioned perspective when it comes to romantic relationships. He also may not be too vocal about his feelings, be it love or lust. He prefers for things to naturally come to him.

Do sigma males have friends?

It may be rare, but sigma males can have a few friends like an omega male. However, if they did indeed have friends, it’s because they chose to be friends with them and not out of necessity.

What motivates a sigma male?

Thanks to their prudent and logical nature, a sigma male may end up challenging an alpha male’s dominance if he senses dishonest and fraudulent leadership. Regardless of his lone nature, he will be motivated to make a difference in the world, even if it means going against corruption at play.

Source: What is a Sigma Male: An Ultimate Guide to the Lone Wolf (msn.com)

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