Thanksgiving Writing/Conversation Prompts

Below, you’ll find 3 questions that can be jumping-off points for writing or discussion in the classroom, or conversation starters for the dinner table, such as: What are your Turkey Day traditions? What are your favorite side dishes? Do you participate in Black Friday shopping?

What are your favorite side dishes?

Source: New York Times Upshot based on Google search data

What do people eat on Thanksgiving in your state? Take a look at the map above, which shows the most “distinct” Thanksgiving side dish by state as determined by the number of Google searches during the week of Thanksgiving from 2004 to 2013, relative to the number of searches in other states. Have you ever tried any of these foods?

What are your Turkey Day traditions?

Every family celebrates Thanksgiving differently. What are your holiday traditions?

How do you and your family or community celebrate Thanksgiving? What does the food you serve or the things you do that day say about where you are from?

Or, read about how the Turkey Trot became a Thanksgiving tradition and then use these questions as a guide to talk about the activities you do on Thanksgiving and in the days that follow.

Students, share a “snapshot” of your most memorable Thanksgiving. What makes that day stand out in your mind?

For 7 more prompts, click the link below, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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