Do You Sudoku? Sudoku Tips That’ll Help You Win

Whether you are ready to learn how to play Sudoku or consider yourself a puzzle master, here are Sudoku tips, techniques, and strategies for getting your mind right your pencil ready.

The object of the puzzle is to figure out the places where you have to place the numbers 1-9 in order to have every single row, column, and block filled up with a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and a 9. Most sudoku puzzles are made so that there is only one final solution after sifting through all the options and filling in all the blocks. Only 1 same number is allowed in any row, column, or small square.


There’s a lot more to Sudoku than simply writing numbers in a row and column. Sitting down before a fresh Sudoku grid and playing Sudoku requires logic, not guesswork, and a substantial knowledge of Sudoku solving techniques. Once you know these Sudoku tips, you will be able to solve even the most challenging puzzle.

What is the technique to solve Sudoku?

There are more than a few techniques to solve a Sudoku puzzle, but per Conceptis Puzzles, the easiest way to a Sudoku solution is to, “Scan rows and columns within each triple-box area, eliminating numbers or squares and finding situations where only a single number can fit into a single square.” If you’re looking to learn how to play Sudoku, the scanning technique is a swift and generally efficient method of solving easy Sudoku puzzles from start to finish and can get players far into more difficult puzzles before switching to an advanced Sudoku strategy. Don’t forget to check out these printable sudoku puzzles that’ll test your smarts.

What is pencil marking in Sudoku?

Sudoku pencil marking is a systematic Sudoku solver strategy in which puzzle doers use a pencil to write small numbers inside the squares, denoting which numbers may fit in. Conceptis Puzzles says that, “After pencil marking the puzzle, the solver must analyze the results, identify special number combinations, and deduce which numbers should be placed where.” Pencil is, of course, easy to erase in a hurry once you find the solution—or realize you made a mistake

What is a Sudoku single candidate?

A single candidate is a very easy Sudoku strategy for solving a puzzle. Sudoku of the Day says this Sudoku strategy involves “Using pencil marks to store what candidates are still possible within each cell.” The site continues on to note that, “By then examining the surrounding column, row, and box, a single candidate means you’ve managed to rule out all other possibilities for a particular cell,” leaving just a single number left that could possibly fit.

What is a hidden pair in Sudoku?

A hidden pair in Sudoku is “When a pair of numbers appear in exactly two squares in a row, column, or block, but those two numbers aren’t the only ones in their squares,” according to

So, are you ready to try and solve an easy Sudoku puzzle? OK! Here is one that you can print out. It has an answer sheet, so no worries. If you get stuck, just erase until you see the mistake. The game will become easier for you as you do more puzzles. You are then ready for more difficult ones.

Good luck. I hope you have fun with Sudoku, and continue playing whenever you can.


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