9 Things Landscapers Do In Their Yards Every Fall

While autumn’s weather remains relatively mild, spend some quality time caring for your home and yard. Read on for reminders on which tasks to tackle this time of year.

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Plant Spring Bulbs

If you live in a cooler climate, plant your spring bulbs in October. If you live in the South, plant in mid- to late- November.

Clear Out the Vegetable Garden

After the growing season has finished, be sure to pull everything out of your garden so there’s no decaying plants left behind (they can harbor pests and diseases).

Aerate the Lawn

Rent a lawn aerator (or hire a landscaping contractor) to punch holes into the soil and extract plugs of dirt so that water, oxygen, fertilizer can reach the grass’s roots faster. Patch any bald spots with grass seed.

Clean Pots

Scour pots with a stiff-bristled brush and rinse. Try to find one with a solid-wood handle and palm fibers.

Stack Pots

Once clean, turn your terra-cotta pots upside down to prevent them from filling with water, freezing, and cracking. Stack them to save on space.

Cover Plants

To keep hardy container container gardens, such as these succulents, from freezing, cover them with a tarp. Be sure to bring delicate potted plants inside.

Stow Hoses

Don’t let your garden hose spring a leak! Empty it of water and keep it safe from the elements. (Remember to turn off outdoor water sources.) A hose pot or storage bench helps keep it neat.

Store Garden Tools in One Place

Isolate space in the garage or a separate structure, such as a shed, to hold tools, pots, and soil amendments. Cleaning and stowing tools in one place saves precious time when the busy spring season begins.

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