14 Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas To Keep Your Home Cozy And Stylish

While we still love the look of a raw, exposed brick fireplace, we can’t help but see them as blank canvases. “You don’t have to keep the brick bare!” says interior designer Grey Joyner of Grey Joyner Interiors in Wilson, North Carolina. Add a little paint, and brick fireplaces can reach their full potential. To brighten up your home, opt for a soft white that will instantly open up the space. Or, up the cozy factor by painting your brick fireplace a moody black or charcoal gray.

If you’re looking to add pizzazz to a plain living room, try a bright color like home blogger and DIY-er Cassie Bustamante who took painting her brick fireplace into her own hands. “When it came to painting our brick fireplaces, I wanted something deep and had already used black in our former home and was ready for something different,” she says. From colorful fireplaces like Bustamante’s to warm neutrals and a few other tips and tricks, here’s our favorite painted brick fireplace ideas to inspire your next refresh.

Don’t Fear Color


“We wanted to create a look that was cozy and earthy, but still bold,” shares Bustamante. “In the end, I selected Sherwin Williams Secret Garden for our brick fireplace because it still felt rather nature-inspired but was also unique and complemented the existing neutral palette.” Blues and even trendy pinks are also excellent options to highlight the flames.

Favor Timeless White


t’s hard to go wrong with white paint, especially on brick, and the fireplace is no exception. White paint can have the dual function of brightening up the space and still having a softening effect. Choose a crisp white for a sleek design, or a warm white to lean into white’s coziness potential.

Match The Walls


Blend your fireplace seamlessly into the walls by matching the paint colors. This will create a clean, elegant look that emphasizes textural changes from the smooth wall to the brick fireplace.

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