October Is the Perfect Time to Visit the Grand Canyon

One of the Seven Wonders of The World, The Grand Canyon is on everyone’s list. Here is how you can make the most of it in October.


One of the world’s seven wonders, the Grand Canyon impresses with its sheer immensity. With its dramatic depths and panoramic view, this 101-year-old national park in a two billion-year-old landscape reflects the beauty of the American West.

The month of October for the Grand Canyon results in a less crowded destination, and accommodations will be cheaper in the fall as the summer season dies down. Here’s what to know about visiting the Grand Canyon in October, during its shoulder season.

The Grand Canyon of Arizona is deemed to be carved by the Colorado River about 6 million years ago and a cumulative effect of a smaller series of canyons.

It is 6000 feet deep and 18 miles at its widest beholding major ecosystems and great biological diversity (and amazing views).

Most importantly, the vast Grand Canyon has four rims: The South Rim, North Rim, Grand Canyon West, and the East.

First-time visitors often choose South Rim, which is more focused on family-oriented activities as well as open year-round whereas the north rim is open from mid-May To mid-October.

Also, North Rim is more focused on hiking, backpacking, and camping and its elevation is higher than the South Rim.

The West Rim is owned by the Hualapai tribe and its favorite activity includes the skywalk which is a glass bridge.

The East Rim is inside the South Rim National Park and should be explored while one is at South Rim. It comprises less conventional views of the Grand Canyon.

October is a relatively good month to visit the Grand Canyon when it isn’t on extreme sides of heat or cold. The beginning of October can still be relatively dry although the weather calms down to pleasant gradually.

The highest temperature during the day in October 2021 was 23-degree Celsius and the lowest temperature at night was 1-degree Celsius. The temperature also varies accordingly to different locations of the vast Grand Canyon.

Sometimes, the weather is also cloudy or partly cloudy. Yet, October is a decent month to head towards Grand Canyon and also the last month to enter the North Rim.

Visit The Visitors Center

This may sound less than exciting, but it’s quite imperative to be well versed in the weather conditions of the Grand Canyon.

One will be informed if any hiking trails and activities are closed due to sudden weather changes.

A 20 minutes movie acquaints the visitors with the park thoroughly along with the trails as well as its history.

An amazing point for viewing spectacular sunrise, Mathers Point is quite famous. It is located 1.4 km northwest of the Grand Canyon Visitor Center.

Although, it is still crowded Yavapai Point can be considered over for a tranquil experience.

Hiking Through the Rim Trail

If one wishes to watch the beauty of the canyon without exerting much, the Rim Trail starting from the Visitors Centre to Village is a great hike.

It stretches from Bryce Point to Inspiration Point.

  • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
  • Total Distance 5.5 miles
  • Average Duration : 3 to 4 Hours

For more hiking info, including the Desert View Drive, day hikes and the rim-to-rim trail, click below:

October Is The Perfect Time To Visit The Grand Canyon, Here’s Why (thetravel.com)

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