A Washing Hack That Gets Rid of Fruit Flies

Everyone knows the annoyances that are fruit flies.

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They show up in every corner of the home and manage to interrupt your daily tasks while they buzz around.

So, why do they come?

Well, fruit flies live up to their name by infesting homes with ripe, rotting, or decayed fruit and produce.

However, they also enjoy fermented items such as beer, liquor, and wine. They also breed and develop in drains, garbage disposals, trash cans, and mop buckets.

This means that at times, there is no escaping them.

Thankfully, one online guru has shared her hack to rid lingering fruit flies from your home.

Tonya Bee aka @thatcleanbee on TikTok took to the app to tell her followers the very simple method that has seen no fruit fly enter her home in years.

‘Best fruit fly hack,’ the professional cleaner notes in the clip.

Tonya explained that the best way to get rid of fruit flies is to wash bananas as soon as you get them home from the shop.

‘Fruit flies lay eggs on the bananas then you bring them into your house and they hatch and you have fruit flies,’ she added.

‘So make sure you wash them as soon as you get home.’

The simple hack costs absolutely nothing, and it had a lot of people praising Tonya.

‘Thank you! It was driving me CRAZY how were they coming into our house? Our house is very clean. This blew my mind,’ wrote one user.

Another wrote: ‘You’ve changed my life.’

While a third advised: ‘Also, pull your bananas apart so they aren’t in a bunch anymore, then wash them.

‘They like to lay the eggs up where the stems join!’

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