Utah To Colorado: The Most Scenic Road Trip Route

When on a plane, the geographical size between Utah and Colorado seems small. And the lack of up-close views of the natural sights may not arouse curiosity as much. With scenic road trips, every mileage presents enthralling discoveries that make up for a vivid and fascinating travel experience. Each route has outstanding topography for avid adventurers to explore.

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From preserved footprints of humongous dinosaurs to spectacular rock formations, these roads never cease to leave tourists in awe. There are numerous viewpoints where hikers can admire the never-ending beauty for as long as they wish. Let’s explore some road trip routes that help vacationers understand how majestic the world is.

Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Byway

This awe-inspiring 512-mile byway cruises through eastern Utah and western Colorado. While it may seem like a tedious journey, there’s a lot to admire on this road. From deep canyons to monolithic formations, everything is guaranteed to give adventurers a lifetime experience. The discoveries are almost endless, all promising to leave tourists in wonder and contentment.

One of the most thrilling viewpoints is the Dinosaur National Monument. Besides offering fascinating information about the gigantic creatures, travelers can see and touch dinosaur fossils. The landscape that makes up this park contains mountains, canyons, and rivers, which are home to some stunning wildlife. Tourists with a watchful eye can get clear views of white-tailed prairie dogs, mountain lions, and coyotes. Peregrine falcons may be seen towering up in the blue sky, searching for their next prey.

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