How To Attract Cardinals To Your Garden

Cardinals are beautiful birds that adorn many backyards and wild landscapes across the U.S. The males can be easily identified by their brilliant red feathered coat, and tufted crest atop their head, notes All About Birds. Female cardinals bear a smaller tuft and accents of the same bright red, but their feathers are primarily a much duller brown. Both male and female cardinals, however, have black feathers in the shape of a beard around their eyes and red beaks, providing sharp color contrast and making it clear that the two birds are of the same species.

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Cardinals are also lively songbirds, attracting attention for their singing in addition to their vibrant coloring. They communicate via a distinct, repetitive whistling, and male and female pairs may sing in a duet to strengthen their bond. The female will also call out from the nest to direct the male in his search for food. According to Bird Fact, Cardinals are primarily found in the southeastern United States, but their range extends as far north as Maine and Michigan, and as far west as Arizona. They are non-migratory, staying within the same place once they mark out their territory. Chances are, you are seeing the same cardinals make repeated visits to your backyard. If your garden or patio is missing this bright red beauty, check out these tips to attract more gardens to your outdoor space.

Offer Their Favorite Food Sources

Cardinals whistling and flitting around add a sense of enchantment to any backyard. If you happen to live in a colder climate, they are a welcome visual delight, contrasting against the dreary weather or snow-white backdrop. You’ll need, however, a few different strategies to draw them in.

Start by providing an accessible bird feeder. Tube feeders, mesh models, and platform feeders are all affordable and easy-to-install options that cardinals recognize and enjoy visiting, according to Birds and Blooms. If attracting other critters such as squirrels is a concern, you could also try one specifically designed to appeal to birds, but blocks other animals from gaining access to the food.

Speaking of food, you’ll have the most success attracting cardinals by filling your feeders with their favorite treats. Cardinals particularly enjoy mixes that include sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, peanuts, and corn — staples that are no match for their tough little beaks. According to Kaytee, cardinals will also be pleased if you provide a source of running water for them to drink or bathe in after a particularly messy meal at your bird feeder. This is especially helpful in the winter months when running water is hard to come by in the wild.

Plant Shrubs And Trees

Territorial by nature, cardinals seek out nesting areas that provide shelter from predators and other birds. While they can be found in semi-open areas, they are generally better protected in environments with thick bushes, tall brush, or towering pines. You can better mimic their wild habitats by adding to your garden dogwood or crabapple trees, or evergreen shrubs of varying heights to create a layered effect that will persist throughout the changing seasons, suggests Better Homes & Gardens. As mentioned earlier, cardinals will remain in the same area, so if you create a habitat that appeals to them, you will likely be rewarded with repeated sightings whether the birds are just visiting or decide to make your yard their permanent home. If you already have established landscaping you are hesitant to change, you can take less drastic steps to still provide adequate shelter for cardinals. While you may enjoy the look of a neatly tidied yard, the cardinals would prefer you leave things a bit on the messier side. According to Better Homes & Gardens, cardinals will make quick use of any sticks or fallen leaves littering your yard over the week or so it takes them to construct their nest. Less pruning also means more perches for cardinals and other bird species to use to seek out food or rest upon while they fill the air with their melodic whistling. Whichever strategy you choose, you won’t regret readying your backyard to attract these beautiful birds. 

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NBC announces Premier League Championship Sunday plans

Nine of ten matches available on Peacock

NBC announced their broadcast plans for Championship Sunday, and much like the last two years, it’ll be a Peacock-heavy affair.

Like in 2020 and 2021, five matches will be Peacock-exclusive – a change from NBC’s formula during their earlier years of broadcasting the Premier League, when every match aired on cable or broadcast TV. But unlike last year, when even the cable and broadcast games were available on Peacock, only nine of the ten matches this year are on Peacock. The potentially crucial Liverpool-Wolves match is available only on USA and in Spanish on Universo.

Here’s the full schedule of matches and their network assignment. Kickoff for all ten matches is 11 AM ET.

  • Manchester City vs Aston Villa – NBC, Peacock, Telemundo
  • Liverpool vs Wolverhampton Wanderers – USA, Universo
  • Arsenal vs Everton – CNBC, Peacock
  • Norwich City vs Tottenham Hotspur – SYFY, Peacock
  • Burnley vs Newcastle United – GOLF Channel, Peacock
  • Brentford vs Leeds United – Peacock
  • Brighton & Hove Albion vs West Ham United – Peacock
  • Chelsea vs Watford – Peacock
  • Crystal Palace vs Manchester United – Peacock
  • Leicester City vs Southampton – Peacock

It may be a bit jarring to see clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United only on Peacock, but it makes sense – Chelsea are locked into third in the table (barring an eighteen goal swing between them and Spurs on Sunday), while United will either finish sixth or seventh. The relegation fight is down to Burnley and Leeds following Everton’s dramatic win on Thursday, but only Burnley’s match with Newcastle will be on cable. Arsenal still have a slim chance of leapfrogging Spurs for fourth, and both teams’ matches will air on cable.

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The Easy Trick to Calm Everyone Down During an Argument

Whether you’re arguing with your husband about your mother-in-law’s politics, with your roommate about how to split utilities or with your six-year-old about why he can’t have two desserts instead of dinner, the goal should always be de-escalation (world leaders: take note). But how do you help everyone simmer down when you can physically feel your body and brain descending into a rage spiral? One family therapist has a great trick that we intend to try the next time we feel fiery: Speak in statements, not questions.

© LeChatNoir/Getty Images

“Questions easily trigger childhood stuff,” therapist Robert Taibbi writes in Psychology Today. “Mental and emotional memories of a parent looming over us and wagging a finger: Why are you late? Did you do your homework? Did you hit your brother? They quickly evoke criticism and tension—that something is wrong, that you did something wrong, that you are not being honest. These reactions are hardwired into our brains.” And of course, there’s the nuclear missile of all questions: “Why do you always…?”

Statements, on the other hand, “soothe, calm and join,” Taibbi writes. While they will still enable you to get your (valid, obviously) point across, statements like “I know you feel upset, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I said that because I was worried that…” will help to “lower the emotional temperature.” The most soothing statement of all, of course? I hear you.

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Utah To Colorado: The Most Scenic Road Trip Route

When on a plane, the geographical size between Utah and Colorado seems small. And the lack of up-close views of the natural sights may not arouse curiosity as much. With scenic road trips, every mileage presents enthralling discoveries that make up for a vivid and fascinating travel experience. Each route has outstanding topography for avid adventurers to explore.

© Provided by TheTravel

From preserved footprints of humongous dinosaurs to spectacular rock formations, these roads never cease to leave tourists in awe. There are numerous viewpoints where hikers can admire the never-ending beauty for as long as they wish. Let’s explore some road trip routes that help vacationers understand how majestic the world is.

Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Byway

This awe-inspiring 512-mile byway cruises through eastern Utah and western Colorado. While it may seem like a tedious journey, there’s a lot to admire on this road. From deep canyons to monolithic formations, everything is guaranteed to give adventurers a lifetime experience. The discoveries are almost endless, all promising to leave tourists in wonder and contentment.

One of the most thrilling viewpoints is the Dinosaur National Monument. Besides offering fascinating information about the gigantic creatures, travelers can see and touch dinosaur fossils. The landscape that makes up this park contains mountains, canyons, and rivers, which are home to some stunning wildlife. Tourists with a watchful eye can get clear views of white-tailed prairie dogs, mountain lions, and coyotes. Peregrine falcons may be seen towering up in the blue sky, searching for their next prey.

View the complete article by clicking the link below.

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A Container Combo Hummingbirds Can’t Resist

With blooming beauties like petunias, salvias and calibrachoas, your backyard becomes a popular hummingbird hot spot in no time. Get growing in a snap with this easy planting plan from Proven Winners.

The Dirt on Dirt

It’s tempting to toss some dirt from the garden right into your containers, but a potting mix that includes vermiculite, peat moss, compost, perilite or a combination of these materials yields the best results.

By Birds & Blooms Editors

Source: 2 Container Combos Hummingbirds Can’t Resist | Family Handyman

Micro Miniskirts Are About To Take Over In Summer 2022

We’ve seen lots of skirts as a significant trend during the spring season, and, although some people can’t wait to ditch mini skirts, they’re still trending — even to the point where a sexier variation of them is going to be everywhere: the micro miniskirt. According to Vogue Britain, Miu Miu inspired this trend with their tiny, low-rise, super-short mini skirts that would be every strict parent’s nightmare.

© Christian Vierig/Getty Image

Anyone considering experimenting with the micro miniskirt trend and looking for some style inspiration can find a plethora of looks on Instagram. Although a few examples are on the borderline of being NSFW, there are many provocative yet appropriate looks (depending on where you’re going). 

For instance, a fitted white micro miniskirt with a chunky belt and a fun T-shirt makes an excellent going-out outfit. Or, if you want to wear a girly, preppier spin on this trend, try a pink pleated option. Furthermore, a tiny black or denim skirt will match countless summery tops in your wardrobe.

Not sure how to style such a low-rise skirt? PopSugar explained which pieces look fashionable with these seemingly promiscuous skirts. For instance, wearing a shirt in the same color or pattern as the skirt will come across as cohesive and sleek. 

© Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

And, since this trend is only appropriate for warm or hot weather, why not tap into the spring or summery spirit by pairing it with a flowery piece for some floral fun? Although you may first associate miniskirts with date nights, partying, or brunches, PopSugar noted that you can rock this look with a more professional spin, too, styling it with a blazer or a button-up top and more serious shoes.

By Zoe Nolz for The List©

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(I just want to add this to the story. “They” say that when skirts get shorter, the economy starts booming. Just sayin)

10 Gardening Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Even though the process of growing plants and vegetables from scratch may seem daunting, we found out the most common mistakes—and how to avoid them. Read on for 10 tips on what not to do, according to experts who school you on first-timer no-nos.

© Illustration: Julia Abbonizio/Getty Images

Mistake 1: Setting too lofty of a gardening goal

A bigger garden isn’t always better, at least if you’re a beginner, notes Megan Gilger, the gardening blogger behind Fresh Exchange. “It is easy to let your eyes get big when wandering the plant stores or looking online at ideas,” Gilger says. “Instead use those ideas to spur a bigger plan. Growing a great garden successfully takes time.” Gilger advises gardeners who are creating a garden from scratch to start small, but think big. A garden is a long-term investment and you should think about your goals three to five years from now.

Mistake 2: Not interplanting 

Let all of your buds play together. “Break away from the idea that you can only grow one type [of plant] in a bed,” Gilger says.  Interplanting, or intercropping, is a gardening practice that encourages pairing companion plants, as well as bundling taller and shorter plants. Mixing and matching can also whittle weeds and bring in beneficial pollinators, she explains. Bonus: Interplanting is also said to reduce pests and disease. 

Mistake 3: Overcrowding plants

Although mixing plants together is A-OK, you still have to be mindful of spacing, notes Michael Giannelli of East Hampton Gardens, a garden and home shop in East Hampton, New York. “[People] want that instant garden full and colorful—big mistake,” he says. “Plants need room to grow and spread naturally.” Follow the planting recommendations, which typically suggest 2 to 3 feet between plants. You can probably cheat a little by skirting the recommendations by a few inches, but don’t pack plants side by side like sardines.

Mistake 4: Planting too much variety

Tempting as it may be to plant everything from acorns to zucchini, focus on growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers that bring joy to your plate. “It seems simple, but you are most passionate about growing the vegetables, herbs, and flowers you already find yourself grabbing for at the grocery store or farmers market,” Gilger says. No need to fuss over fennel if you think it tastes blah. 

Don’t make a mistake. Click the link to see all 10 gardening mistakes.

Written by Sarah Lyon for Architectual Digest©

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8 Natural Repellents To Keep Your Home Pest Free

Got silverfish, ants, spiders, and more? Try these natural bug repellents found right in your pantry to keep pests out!

You might be surprised (or even horrified) to learn that there are essentially ten quintillion insects roaming the earth at any one time. That’s more than 200 million bugs for every person on the planet, according to the Smithsonian. This might just be one of those times when ignorance is bliss, but now that you know, these powerful, natural bug repellents might just become your new best friend in the home. Many are found right in your pantry!

Try These Natural Bug Repellents

1. Cream of Tartar For Ant Problems

When the ants come marching in, reach for a common culinary pantry product, cream of tartar. Not only does this acidic salt help stabilize egg whites and whipped cream, but it is a powerful ant repellent. Just place a line of cream of tartar where ants typically enter your home, and they won’t cross the barrier.

2. Vinegar To Repel Crawling Bugs

For crawling bugs, including ants and spiders, vinegar is another household staple that helps deter several kinds of insects. Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle and wipe down surfaces. Not only will this keep bugs away, but vinegar is a powerful disinfectant. For fruit flies, put cider vinegar and water in a small bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and poke with several small holes using a toothpick to trap the flies. 

3. Cedar For Fleas, Spiders, Silverfish

Small cedar blocks, or sachets filled with cedar chips, work well to deter a number of bugs including fleas, spiders, silverfish, certain ants, moths, cockroaches, termites, and even some flies. Place the cedar in closets, cabinets, drawers, or areas where bugs enter to create a natural bug-free zone.

More natural repellents can be viewed at link below.

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30 Memorial Day Desserts Everyone Will Love

Make sweets the star of your get-together with these treats that feature lots of red, white and blue!

Showstopping Summer Sweets

The first backyard barbecue of the season calls for a spread of all your cookout favorites — including desserts! Whether you’re a fan of ice cream, fruity cobblers and crumbles or something else entirely, it never hurts to give your Memorial Day dessert a patriotic twist. That’s why we’ve rounded up these easy and delicious desserts that feature plenty of red, white and blue — starting with Ina’s impressive citrus cake. She spreads generous Spoonfuls of whipped cream between the layers before adding fresh strawberries, resulting in a decorative treat that easily doubles as the centerpiece of your dessert table.

 Strawberry Country Cake

Get the Recipe: Strawberry Country Cake

Source: 30 Best Memorial Day Dessert Recipes | Recipes, Dinners and Easy Meal Ideas | Food Network

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