Micro Miniskirts Are About To Take Over In Summer 2022

We’ve seen lots of skirts as a significant trend during the spring season, and, although some people can’t wait to ditch mini skirts, they’re still trending — even to the point where a sexier variation of them is going to be everywhere: the micro miniskirt. According to Vogue Britain, Miu Miu inspired this trend with their tiny, low-rise, super-short mini skirts that would be every strict parent’s nightmare.

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Anyone considering experimenting with the micro miniskirt trend and looking for some style inspiration can find a plethora of looks on Instagram. Although a few examples are on the borderline of being NSFW, there are many provocative yet appropriate looks (depending on where you’re going). 

For instance, a fitted white micro miniskirt with a chunky belt and a fun T-shirt makes an excellent going-out outfit. Or, if you want to wear a girly, preppier spin on this trend, try a pink pleated option. Furthermore, a tiny black or denim skirt will match countless summery tops in your wardrobe.

Not sure how to style such a low-rise skirt? PopSugar explained which pieces look fashionable with these seemingly promiscuous skirts. For instance, wearing a shirt in the same color or pattern as the skirt will come across as cohesive and sleek. 

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And, since this trend is only appropriate for warm or hot weather, why not tap into the spring or summery spirit by pairing it with a flowery piece for some floral fun? Although you may first associate miniskirts with date nights, partying, or brunches, PopSugar noted that you can rock this look with a more professional spin, too, styling it with a blazer or a button-up top and more serious shoes.

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Source: Micro Miniskirts Are About To Take Over In Summer 2022 (msn.com)

(I just want to add this to the story. “They” say that when skirts get shorter, the economy starts booming. Just sayin)

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