Best ‘Wordle’ starting word? 

Give your ‘Wordle’ session a boost today with these words.

By Adam Rosenberg 

My ideal daily Wordle session starts with me plucking a legible five-letter combination out from my stream of consciousness and seeing where that random guess takes me.

Some people like to win under any circumstances, though, and I get it. It feels great to maintain that daily streak, especially as it jumps into the double digits and beyond.

Sure, you could always cheat and look up the answer, but there’s no sense of accomplishment in that. Gaming Wordle is the only agreeable middle-ground there, and the best place to find that comfort zone is starting word strategy.

So let’s get into it. The internet has lots of thoughts.

How should we think about Wordle starting word strategies?

Let’s think about this holistically first. You’ve got 26 letters in the alphabet. Of those, five (plus the letter “Y” at times) are vowels, the basic building block for most words.

So at a very basic level, any five-letter combination that helps you rule out more vowels early is going to trim down the galaxy of possible answers.

With that basic reality in mind, we can immediately pick out a few ideal starting words There are others, but ADIEUAUDIO, and OUIJA all cover four vowels. You won’t know if any yellow or green letters appear twice, say if the answer is “sweet” or “radar,” but you can at least out some critical letters right at the start.

That’s good enough for most people. Starting with vowel-heavy words will give you an edge with Wordle‘s puzzle-solving every time. But it’s also not that simple, since not every letter is created equally. Yes, vowels appear in basically every word, but some are more or less common. The same goes for consonants.

If going vowel-heavy isn’t enough and you want to cover some of the more common consonants as well, RAISE is an ideal starting word since it covers the three most common vowels and the two most common consonants as they appear in dictionaries.

(I won’t give any more away, but if you must have it, click the link to see the complete article with a plethora of hints.)

Link to article: Best starting word for ‘Wordle’: How to step up your game (

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