Your Home Improvement Calendar for Paint Projects by Season

We’ve been fairly housebound going on about two years now (mind = blown). So if you’ve found yourself daydreaming about new projects to improve and refresh your home again, you’re certainly not alone. You’ve also come to the right place. Here, our top three projects per season, at every level of difficulty. Think you’re up for the challenge? 

Spring: Functional Workspace

Even if you don’t have a dedicated office, you can still have a beautiful and functional space when you’re working from home. Turn an open wall into your own personal study and give it a pop of color to make it come alive. Start with KILZ 2 All-Purpose Primer to hide any unsightly scuffs or marks and provide excellent adhesion for your new topcoat.

If Shelves Could Talk

Finally give that book collection the attention it deserves with a statement backdrop that speaks volumes. In fact, consider it a hop on the “emotional escape room” bandwagon. Yep, folks are using everything from calming colors to crystals to create rooms in their homes that elicit their most tranquil selves. So don’t shy away from a shade that brings you joy, no matter how strong—simply prime with KILZ Restoration Interior Primer, which blocks heavy stains and odors to restore even the toughest projects.

Flavorful Cabinets

Give the heart of the home an inviting refresh with one of our favorite kitchen trends: two-tone cabinets. After priming with KILZ 3 Premium Primer, brush a darker color on the lower cabinets to draw the eye upward, creating taller-looking ceilings and a grander visual effect. It’s also a great way to infuse character into the room, and if you’re torn between a rich color palette or soft neutrals, you can have both.

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