28 Apartment Garden Ideas That Will Activate Your Green Thumb

Building an apartment garden is no easy task. You’re either going to build indoors, which can be tricky due to lighting, or you’re going to do it in a backyard, on a patio, or on an even smaller balcony.

Luckily for us, there’s been plenty of people who’ve already figured out all of the clever methods of maximizing your garden space.

If you know you’ll rent your apartment for quite some time you can get really creative for some more permanent solutions that you can even leave for the next tenant.

1. Using Shelfs, Ladders, & Pots for a Wall Display

By using simple board shelves and a small ladder, you can create a very attractive cactus and succulent garden. Place it in front of a brick wall with clay pots and the entire scene will pop.

4. Apartment Balcony Railing Hangers for Herbs & Vegetables

Sometimes you just want to grow some herbs or vegetables without worrying about the decorative aspect. Containers that ride the railings of your balcony is a great way to use your space effectively.

This is only 26 ideas. Click the link to see all 28.

Source: 28 Apartment Garden Ideas That Will Activate Your Green Thumb | WR (worstroom.com)

Author: Dennis Hickey

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