Super Quick Easter Activities and Ideas for kids

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Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. Besides the traditional Easter egg hunt, there are a variety of ways teachers can celebrate with their students, they can sing a song, create a poem, make a craft, provide a worksheet activity, play a game, or even have an Easter party. All of these Easter activities for primary school are a great way to get your students involved in the holiday. Use these ideas in your classroom when you’re short on time, or in need of a little inspiration.

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Quick Easter Resources

When creating your Easter-themed unit it’s important to provide a variety of lessons. The best way to start an Easter-theme is to get prior knowledge of what the students know about Easter. Use a graphic organizer, such as a KWL chart to get this information. Once you gather this, you can begin crafting and creating your Easter unit.

Easter Poems and Songs

Poetry and Music is a wonderful way to explore feelings and emotions, and it provides students with a way to be creative and express themselves while celebrating the holiday. Provide students with a variety of poems and songs about Easter, then have them try to create some on their own.

Easter Ready-to-Print Activities

Activities don’t always have to be well-thought-out or planned in advance for students to learn important concepts. Here is an inexpensive way to provide some Easter fun for your class. Just simply print out any of these activities right from your computer.

Easter Crafts

Providing an Easter craft is a great way to get your students to express their creative side. Give students a variety of supplies to choose from when creating their craft. This will help promote self-expression and allow them to really use their creative thinking skills. With a little imagination and creativity, these Easter craft ideas can make a wonderful gift or a delightful holiday keepsake.

Easter Games

Easter games are a great way to get your students in the holiday spirit. They get the students up and moving while reinforcing the Easter concept. A fun idea to try is to give your students a variety of Easter-themed items and have them make up their own game. You’ll be surprised by how clever they are.

Easter Puzzles

To help make learning about Easter fun, provide a few enjoyable puzzles. Puzzles are a great way to challenge the mind while reinforcing the Easter-theme. Challenge your students to create an Easter puzzle of their own. Provide a variety of examples so they can get ideas, then allow them to try to create one themselves.

Easter Recipes

These recipes are perfect to use for an Easter party or just for an everyday snack throughout the Easter season.

More Easter Fun

Throwing an Easter party in your classroom? Need help choosing the perfect Easter book to read to your students? These resources will give you great ideas to plan and execute the perfect Easter party.

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