Sandals You Should Wear if You Plan on Being on Your Feet All Day

When it comes to footwear for standing on hours on end, chances are sandals don’t come to mind. Between the lack of arch support, open, flexible design, and minimal cushioning, sandals are better left for, say, a quick trip to the beach or a brisk stroll around the block… right?

Not necessarily. Turns out, there are sandals you can wear that are supportive enough for long-lasting comfort. To find them, you just need to be a discerning shopper.

So, yes, you can wear sandals for long periods of time—just do it one of the picks below.

Stand for hours in these supportive sandals

Chacos, Z/2 Classic — $100.00

Next time you venture out on the long, summer hike over hill-and-dale, do it with Chacos. They’ve got Dr. Splichal’s seal of approval, thanks to their arch-loving midsole that gives you support over long periods of time. They also feature adjustable straps, making it easy to customize to wide or narrow feet, and a toe-loop for added control.

Sizes: 5-12, medium and wide

Colors: 11 different colors and prints


Birkenstock, Arizona Soft Slide Sandal — $135.00

Surprise, surprise—Birkenstock is also on Dr. Splichal’s list of stand-worthy sandals. That’s because of that legendary cork footbed which literally molds to the foot, giving you custom support step after step. Like the Chacos, these sandals are also adjustable, so if you need some extra room for bunions or hammer toes, they’ve got you covered.

Sizes: 4-11, medium and wide

Colors: taupe, green, fuchsia, orange, light grey, dark grey, beige


Aetrex, Mimi — $70.00

Aetrex shoes are renowned for their uncompromising comfort and podiatrist-approved support. The Mimi sandals are designed to alleviate pressure in the forefront, using a high arch to stabilize and balance your joints while you walk. Layer on the cloud-like midsole that absorbs shock and the buckle ankle strap, and you’ll never want to take ’em off.

Sizes: 5-11, medium

Colors: black, bronze, navy, red, and tan leather


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