Google Issues Massive Warning To Users Of Chrome

Google confirmed a plethora of vulnerabilities on their Chrome browser Tuesday, many of which pose a “high” threat level to users.

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Thirty different security issues were discovered in Chrome, which impact users of Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile devices, according to a blog post shared Tuesday by Google. A majority of the information on the vulnerabilities is not being shared by the technology company, as is standard practice with the organization, Forbes reported.

Use-After-Free (UAF) attacks appear to be the best method for breaking into Chrome, Forbes continued. A UAF attack is a memory exploit and has broken through Chrome security more than 65 times since the start of the year, the outlet reported.

Chrome is likely vulnerable to a new type of “zero-day” hack, according to Forbes. A zero-day hack means that the vulnerability in a platform is known to hackers before Google, or any company, can deploy a fix. At present, every Chrome user is vulnerable to this type of hack, the outlet noted.

Google is set release an update in the coming days to fix the bugs that make these hacks possible. Users can manually update their browsers by using the setting feature if they don’t want to wait for the update to go through automatically, the outlet continued.

Research on hacking suggests that passwords of any type under seven digits can be broken instantly, the Daily Mail stated. Those passwords with eight characters can typically be guessed in under an hour, the report continued.

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Scammers are targeting your phone. Here’s what to watch for in Part 4


The Utility Scam

Another dated but still effective fraud is the utility scam. In this case, the criminal pretends to be calling from the water, gas, or electric department in pursuit of an outstanding bill that must be paid immediately to prevent service interruption. This scam often targets not just residents, but small businesses with owners likely too busy to check on the details and more reluctant to risk having their water or lights shut off.

The Neighbor Scam

The neighbor scam employs the caller ID spoof to make it appear that someone is calling the victim’s phone from a local number, which people are more likely to answer. The caller pretends to be speaking for a neighbor in an emergency or even from a school nurse claiming to need personal information for their files.

Jury Duty Scams

Skipping jury duty is a serious matter that can result in real consequences. One of those consequences, however, will not be a phone call from a U.S. marshal or any other government agent threatening arrest if the victim doesn’t immediately pay a fine. That’s the jury duty scam, and although it’s been around for a long time, it still finds new victims every year.

Recovery Scam

The recovery scam just might be the worst of the bunch for one simple reason: it targets victims who have already been victimized. Scammers buy and sell so-called “sucker lists” — records of people who have already been scammed — and use that information to follow up with good news: They’ve recovered the money you lost in the original scam. All they need is your personal data to make sure they have the right person and/or a small fee, and they’ll help you recover the money you lost to the first scammer. There is, of course, no restitution. The scammer is merely double-dipping.

What to Do if You Get a Suspicious Call

Now that you know which scams you’re most likely to encounter, it’s important to know what to do if you think you’ve been targeted. The scammer could be casting a wide net or targeting you specifically. In either case, the actions you take or don’t take could mean the difference between being victimized and avoiding the scam. You might even be able to help authorities nab the criminals responsible for the fraud.

Screen Unfamiliar Calls

The single best way to avoid being taken in a phone scam is to never make contact with the scammer in the first place. That means your best bet in most cases is simply not to answer calls with blocked or private numbers or that you otherwise don’t recognize. “If you do not recognize the phone number on your caller ID, do not answer the phone,” Lavelle says. “Let it go to voicemail or the answering machine. Most telemarketers will hang up and not leave a message. If it’s important, the caller will leave a message.”

Don’t Follow Instructions

Both human scammers and automated robocall recordings often try to get you to take some sort of action just to see if they’ve reached a live person. “Never follow the automated voice asking you to press 1,” Lavelle says. “Do not push any numbers to reach a live operator. This signifies that the autodialer has reached a live number and this will probably lead to more robocalls.”

Block Repeat Offenders

If you’re getting calls regularly from the same few numbers, consider blocking them. “Most cellphone providers allow you to block an incoming number,” Lavelle says. “They work by blocking them, alerting you to a possible robocall, or forwarding suspicious calls to voicemail.”

Try Services Such as Nomorobo

One of the most reliable third-party options, according to Lavelle, is a service called Nomorobo. “It’s a free service available through most phone service providers and is designed to block robocalls and telemarketers,” he says. “While it may not prevent all robocalls from getting through, you are able to identify those calls as your phone will only ring once and the call is then rejected.” 

Set Up the Anonymous Call Rejection Option

Many scammers, as well as telemarketers who are more annoying than predatory, don’t show up on caller ID. Calls from these numbers are the ones you want to eliminate almost entirely, which you can if your phone company offers anonymous call rejection. “Call your phone provider to find out if this option is available for your landline,” Lavelle says. “It lets you screen out calls from callers who have blocked their caller ID information, a tactic of telemarketers.”

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5 Home Security Systems Vulnerable to Hackers

Several popular DIY home security systems can be disabled with nothing more than a laptop and a device the size of a walkie-talkie.

That’s the concerning finding in recent testing from Consumer Reports. Using a technique called a “jamming attack,” thieves can block wireless signals from doors, windows and motion sensors, which lets them enter your property without setting off an alarm.

CR cautions “owners of these systems needn’t panic” because jamming attacks are not very common. But if that’s small comfort, here’s a look at which security systems failed the test and which held up.

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The most vulnerable home security systems

Two home security systems performed worst in Consumer Reports’ tests of their ability to withstand jamming attacks:

  • Cove Home Security System
  • Eufy 5-Piece Home Alarm Kit

In addition to low ratings on jamming attacks, both of these systems are vulnerable to another kind of hack called “replay disarming.”

This technique involves copying the wireless signal from a keyfob used to disarm your alarm. Consumer Reports points out this is more difficult for thieves to pull off because they would have to be nearby when you are entering the house to capture the signal.

The publication also shared its findings with the alarm makers so they can work on fixing it.

Other vulnerable home security systems

While not performing as poorly as the Cove and Eufy devices, three other systems fell to jamming attacks in tests:

  • Abode Iota All-In-One Kit
  • Ring Alarm Security Kit (second generation)
  • SimpliSafe The Essentials SS3-01

The least vulnerable home security systems

These brands withstood jamming attacks and replay attacks from Consumer Reports:

  • Blue by ADT
  • Ecobee
  • Honeywell Home
  • Kangaroo
  • Ooma

What it means for you

While Consumer Reports says these kinds of attacks are not common, you can still take steps to protect yourself.

Don’t advertise what security system you use with yard signs and window decals. That’s essentially telling thieves which instruction manual they need to look at to hack your system. Instead, use generic signs or decals as a deterrent.

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More Gardening Trends For 2022

The Outdoor Office

If you’ve been following all the trends, then you’ve put in a lot of work to create a beautiful, stress-relieving place full of interesting sights, scents, and sounds. Are you only going to use it when you’ve got time off on the weekends? Many people are saying absolutely not to that idea! With more people than ever before working from home, outdoor offices are starting to trend.

What does it take to build an outdoor office? If you’ve built an outdoor living room, then you likely already have most of what you need. The key elements are a workspace, which will consist of a table and chair within Wi-Fi range and near to power outlets, shade to keep the glare off your laptop, and privacy in the form of hedges, fences, or lush trellises so that your neighbors don’t accidentally interrupt your Zoom meetings.

Gardening For Climate Change

As the effects of climate change become more extreme, people have started to respond with the way that they garden—though this means different things in different areas. Areas that are experiencing record-breaking wildfires are doing what’s known as “firescaping.” Firescaping means fireproofing the landscape as much as possible by doing things like:

  • Planting water-retaining plants, which are slower to catch fire.
  • Creating defensible spaces around the home, which often means moving wood-mulched beds away and creating fire-resistant beds immediately around the house instead.
  • Using stone, brick, or concrete paths or walls to create firebreaks within the landscape.

Elsewhere, where people are experiencing record rainfall, popular gardening trends include planting water-loving plants in lower areas where water collects or protecting against erosion with groundcovers and other things that have root systems to keep soil in place.

One part of this trend defies regional conditions, and that is the rise of low carbon gardening. Low carbon gardening places an emphasis on purchasing locally produced plants, materials and products for the garden, thereby reducing the carbon emissions created via long-distance shipping. Many also choose to reduce their environmental impact even further by not only purchasing local goods, but also by purchasing renewable or easily recyclable things such as wood or metal patio furniture instead of plastic.

Ready to get growing? Use these trends as your roadmap to create a gorgeous outdoor space for the summer! 

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For more gardening trends, click here: Gardening Trends For 2022 – TUTORING YOU

Arbor Day: Friday, April 29

Arbor Day was founded in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton in Nebraska City, Nebraska. By the 1920s, each state in the United States had passed public laws that stipulated a certain day to be Arbor Day or Arbor and Bird Day observance.

National Arbor Day is celebrated every year on the last Friday in April; it is a civic holiday in Nebraska. Other states have selected their own dates for Arbor Day.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the tree planter’s holiday, and we’re excited to celebrate with you! In the last 50 years, the Arbor Day Foundation has planted and distributed nearly 500 million trees in more than 50 countries around the world to fight global issues facing humankind. And we’re just getting started.

Source: Celebrating 50 Years of Tree Planting – Arbor Day Foundation

To celebrate Arbor Day today, please enjoy this crossword puzzle from ESL Teacher Resources, Job Boards, and Worksheets (

Soccer Today: Liverpool vs Villarreal

Liverpool vs Villarreal: The Reds will shift their focus to the UEFA Champions League piece of the quadruple puzzle when they host Villarreal at Anfield on Wednesday (kick off, 3pm ET).

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How to watch Liverpool vs Villarreal live, stream link, and start time

Kick off: 3pm ET, Wednesday (April 27)Online: Live updates via

How to watch: TUDN, Paramount+

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Scammers are targeting your phone. Here’s what to watch for in Part 3

Thousands of people are bilked every year by criminals who enter the lives of their victims through their telephones. And while seniors are often the target of scammers, anyone can be taken for a ride. Here’s everything you need to know about phone scams — including some that take advantage of evolving technology like QR codes, and others that use coronavirus fears to their advantage — and how to avoid becoming a victim.


Lottery Phone Scams

When it comes to the lure of easy money, Lavelle offers a piece of advice that comes with virtually no exceptions. “If you receive a phone call about winning a lottery you never entered,” he says, “don’t believe it and hang up the phone. With this type of scam, a con artist will call the victim and say they won a large sum of money but have to pay a fee to facilitate the earnings. Once the scammer receives the wired money, they disappear. Many of these types of calls originate in Jamaica.” The FTC also puts lottery scams toward the top of its concerns and warns of scammers based in Canada — and reminds potential victims that the sale or purchase of cross-border lottery tickets by mail or phone is illegal.

Netflix Phishing Scams

So-called Netflix scams are most likely to come through email or text, but you could get a phone call as well. In this con, the criminal pretends to be from Netflix or another popular streaming service and asks you to update your payment or other private information to avoid a service interruption. In email form, the scam is often accompanied by a dangerous link the scammer wants you to click.

Enduring Scams That Refuse to Die

Some scams have been around for years or even decades, bilking innocent victims out of their money or identities. In some cases, tried-and-true phone scams are updated and reinvented. In other cases, the same old con keeps finding victims year after year.

Predatory Robocalls

Robocalls are nothing new. In fact, they’re so common that most people pay them little mind, which is part of what makes predatory robocalls so dangerous. “In today’s landscape, it is not uncommon to receive multiple robocalls a week on both your landline and your cellphone, even though you’ve registered your phone numbers with the Do Not Call Registry,” Lavelle says. “They’re offering everything from lower credit card rates to free vacations and medical alert devices. It’s not only annoying, but many of these calls come with a high probability of a scam.”

Caller ID Spoof

The caller ID spoof manipulates caller ID software to add an extra layer of legitimacy to the con. The scammer makes the caller ID display your bank’s actual name or phone number on your phone, which lulls victims into a false sense of security before the call is even answered.

Spear Phishing

Phishing scams have long been identified as frauds that try to gain the victim’s trust by presenting some of the victim’s personal information. If the scammer has the last four digits of my Social Security Number and my ZIP code, the victim assumes, the caller must truly be from the bank or the phone company. Spear phishing expands on the old phishing scam by offering some information in an effort to get the customer to surrender the rest. For example, the “bank” might call under the guise of trying to sort out irregular spending patterns on your debit card. To gain your trust, the swindler will offer the last four digits of your SSN then ask you to provide the rest of the number “for security purposes.” Spear phishing often works in conjunction with the so-called caller ID spoof.

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View Part 4 tomorrow.

Create a Focal Point in your Garden Bed 

Another way that you can arrange plants in your landscape is by creating a focal point. Pick a superstar plant that you love or even position a sculpture or other object as the focus of your garden bed. Then arrange plants around the focal point to bring it all together. 

(CC0 1.0), via Pixabay

In landscaping, focal points are plants or objects that stand out from the background. Place focal points within the landscape in a way that will draw attention to a particular area of the garden. The purpose of focal points in a landscape are many. Focal points do several things in a landscape. First, they create a resting spot in your garden. Focal points are a great way to guide a person to a destination. They are an important tool for garden designers. Why? Because they are a way to control how people will view the garden. When used correctly, focal points will create a special moment (or moments) in your garden.

It’s important to note that focal points do not exist in a vacuum. Focal points are always viewed WITH the other plants and elements in your landscape. So, while they are the element that stands out and guides the eye, they also have to fit with the overall aesthetic of the landscape they are placed into.

Try arranging a group of plants around a focal point, like a pot, statue or even a vibrant plant. Illustration by PrettyPurpleDoor.

Source: Arrange Plants In Your Garden – 3 Simple Ways – Pretty Purple Door

Gardening Trends For 2022

This year’s garden trends emphasize environmental friendliness, reducing carbon footprints, and many more.

Indoors? Outdoors? Why Not Both?

Last year’s garden trends included both bringing plants indoors and taking elements of the indoors outside. This year? The pandemic is ongoing, and that means people are still staying home more than usual. It also means that these two trends are not only continuing, but evolving into even bigger and better things.

Let’s start by bringing the outdoors inside. Have you seen #PlantMom trending on Instagram? So have we—and this year, it’s about a whole lot more than planting a windowsill herb garden. Now, we’re looking at something more robust. That means grow lights, hanging planters, and even bringing small trellises indoors for vining plants. Some hobbyists are creating entire jungle room—although most people looking to get in on the trend are collecting a few choice houseplants with a focus on beautiful foliage or flowers. In particular, tropical plants featuring colorful or unusual foliage are growing in popularity.

Now let’s take the inside outdoors. Last year saw the beginnings of this trend as people created comfortable backyard havens with cozy seating and extras like firepits or outdoor projectors. This year, the trend marches forward. People are now creating outdoor “garden rooms.”

What do you need to create a garden room? Something for privacy, be it a fence, screens, or trellises. Shade is also a must, either via shade trees, an arbor lush with foliage, an awning, or a roof. Lighting is getting an upgrade, too. You can still have your firepit, but people are also adding string lights, lanterns and lamps to their outdoor living rooms.

Gardening As Stress Relief

Over the years, we’ve seen different types of gardening rise to fit different needs. Edible gardening grew big as the demand for locally grown produce grew, and native gardening became popular as people became more conscious of native plants and the animals who frequent them.

The big need this year? After a couple of years of uncertainty, people are looking for ways to relieve stress. In the garden, that means—well, it could mean anything, depending on what helps you to relax! Mostly, it’s about creating your own little oasis of life, color, scent, and sound.

If you find floral scents soothing, then you might want to include plants with perfumed flowers and foliage. Some people find a particular color more soothing than all the rest—and it will benefit them to plant flowers of that color. To relax to the sounds of trickling water, create a water feature by tucking a small, inexpensive fountain among the greens.

Bringing Back The Birdbath

Here’s another amalgamation of garden trends—and this one is for the birds. With the rise of native gardening to support local wildlife, birds included, and the need to create stress-relieving green spaces, the birdbath is coming back to backyards near you. In keeping with this trend, look for items that can safely be repurposed as a birdbath, or shop for something unique that serves as a focal point.

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Champions League Soccer Today and Tomorrow

Manchester City hosts Real Madrid today (3 p.m. ET, CBS) while Villarreal visits Liverpool tomorrow (3 p.m. ET, CBS).

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Man City has never won the Champions League as it chases a trophy the team has long coveted. The UCL title is the only thing that’s eluded manager Pep Guardiola in his time at City and it’s fair to wonder if the season will be considered a disappointment if City wins the EPL title but doesn’t secure the Champions League.

Liverpool, meanwhile, is chasing after a historic quadruple. The Reds won the Carabao Cup in penalty kicks over Chelsea in February and are set to play the Blues on May 14 for the FA Cup title. No team has ever won those two competitions in the same season while also winning the EPL title and the Champions League title.

Madrid will likely be content to let Manchester City have most of the possessions and hope to hit on the counter. Real has leaned on Luka Modric and Karim Benzema throughout the Champions League and will hope that its two veteran stars can make some magic again to grab a goal or two on Tuesday night.

We’re guessing that Villarreal will look to do what it successfully did against Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals. Bayern had nearly two-thirds of the possession in the quarterfinals but lost as both of Villarreal’s shots on target went into the back of the net. It’s impossible to bet that Villarreal will be that clinical against Liverpool, but it’s easy to envision how Liverpool will dominate possession over both games.

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