April: It’s all about the Bunny, the Egg, but mostly about the Lamb


The month of April has so many things happening that’s it’s like April has something for everyone. You got your chocolate bunny to snack on, lilies to display, eggs to color (and find), sweet breads and hot cross buns to bake, hams to prepare, but really it’s all about The Lamb.

Not the fuzzy white one. This week is about The Lamb of God, Jesus symbolized by a lamb. In ancient times, the lamb was a sacrifice made during the Jewish Passover. Jesus was crucified during Passover week making the ultimate sacrifice, His life. During Easter, we celebrate His passover from death to life. It is the saddest time, Good Friday when He was crucified, but also the happiest when Jesus rose from the dead symbolizing eternal life for His believers. Yeah, it’s a solemn week. From sadness to celebration.

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Author: Dennis Hickey

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