10 Small Landscaping Trees That Require Little Growing Space

I love adding small trees, plants, and shrubs wherever I can. Every gardener knows that they’re a fantastic way to “green” up your existing yard space. If you’re a gardener with a tiny yard, never fear! It’s absolutely possible to grow trees in small yard spaces without running into space issues, here are a few small landscaping trees that are up to the task!

Small Landscaping Trees

The Lemon Tree

Gardeners can grow lemon trees outdoors and in! Lemons are a great tree for container gardening, and any other small space. Lemon trees can be started from seed, but it will be a long while until your first harvest! Instead, visit your local nursery to pick up a dwarf lemon tree. It’s important to remember to protect your lemons from frosts!

Appalachian Red Redbud

If you like stunning, fragrant, and edible flowers, this tree is just the thing for your yard! Don’t expect this tree to get more than 15-25 feet tall.

Dwarf Apple Trees

Dwarf apple trees are the perfect tree for a fruit loving gardener! Tuck them in a balcony container, or give them a small, sunny area of your garden! Certain varieties of dwarf apple trees will grow to be 4-8 feet tall. Do some research and decide which variety is best for your yard.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple is known for it’s dramatic colored leaves in the Fall months. When your plant is young, make sure it has plenty of afternoon shade to protect it from harsh lighting. Plant your Japanese Maple in the fall months for better growth and overall health!

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