You Won’t Be A Wallflower In These 18 Colorful Spring Dresses

As much as we love sweaters, coats, and scarves, there is just something special about finally breaking out your spring dresses. They’re breezy! They’re romantic! They’re fun! A delicate, vivid dress is the perfect reflection of the way that spring makes us feel after a long winter, and we are ready to break out all the 2022 trends, from maxi dresses to mini dresses and everything in between.

Cleobella Luna Mini Dress ($208)

Add this dress to your sustainable closet for a colorful and cute outfit any day of the week. Equal parts feminine and bohemian, this is the perfect dress to wear until summer ends.

H&M+ Tie Belt Shirt Dress ($35)

If you need something breezy and comfortable for your weekend trip to the farmer’s market, we have the perfect solution. The relaxed, airy design of this dress is complemented by a bright color that will catch everyone’s eyes.

UO Samira Satin Slip Dress ($79)

Whether you use it as a bikini coverup or pair it with a structured jacket for date night, a slip dress in a vivid pattern is the perfect mix of casual and flirty.

Hutch Floral-Hem Maxi Dress ($248)

If you’re looking to splurge for a wedding or a formal event, consider a cranberry number with straps that look like strings of roses! Romantic, chic, and also appropriate come holiday season.

Puff Sleeve Ruffle Collar Dress ($35)

A bright shade of mustard turns you into a walking ray of sunshine, even on rainy spring days.

UO Hansel Heart Print Strappy-Back Mini Dress ($59)

Old school gingham gets a modern upgrade with a strappy design, plunging neckline, and printed sunbursts. Your spring break dress found.

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