The Mammals that make the best Human Companions

The animal kingdom is filled with ferocious, highly territorial animals that are better off left alone. But nature also counts with some even-tempered animals that more easily adapt to human presence. A group of scientists have attempted to study the temperament of animals to determine which ones are friendlier toward humans by assigning various scores. The study published in the journal of Frontiers in Veterinary Science excludes dogs, cats, and farm animals since they have been completely domesticated. Those that rank above 0 are said to be best suited as human companions. 

5. Asian palm civet

Score: 1.4

Native to South and Southeast Asia, this mammal prefers to lead a solitary lifestyle.

4. Llama

Score: 2.3

This domesticated South American animal has been widely used as a meat and pack animal by Andean cultures since the Pre-Columbian era.

3. Tammar wallaby

Score: 4.2

This small wallaby likes to socialize, feed, and mate in groups.

2. Agile wallaby

Score: 4.7

This wallaby prefers a solitary lifestyle but often adapts to life in groups. 

1. Sika deer

Score: 5.1

Also known as spotted deer or Japanese deer, these cute lil’ faces top the list of best human companions.

(So, um, not sure how this plays out in Omaha, but I think not including cats and dogs really taints this article. The fact that I was also hoping for a pony doubles down on my disappointment.) (OK, so rope yourself a wallaby instead)

Source: Scientists rank the mammals that make the best human companions (

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