The Benefits of Reading

In a recent issue of Better Homes & Gardens, I read that the average 15-44 year old spend less than 10 minutes reading each day. Depressing! Reading offers far too many benefits for people to spend so little time doing it.

We all know how important reading is for our minds, to say nothing of informing us about the world around us, but research shows that reading also reduces levels of stress by nearly 70 percent!

Quote About Reading by Dr. Seuss

The benefits of reading:

  • Strengthens your mind.
  • Teaches you about people around the world, how others think, and other cultures (all beautifully vital things to know)
  • Improves your mood.
  • Boosts your memory.
  • Improves your thinking skills.
  • Teaches you new words, strengthening your vocabulary.
  • Gives you more things to talk about with others.
  • Sharpens your thinking skills.
  • Relaxes you!

One of the secrets to reading MORE is finding the type of books or articles you like to read the MOST. For me, personally, my favorite things to read are the Bible, Agatha Christie mysteries (I read and re-read her Hercule Poirot books and am always in the middle of one), old Hollywood biographies and memoirs, American History, cookbooks, poetry, and anything pertaining to other favorite subjects…birds, animals, health, angels, spirituality, prayer, cooking, photography, Amelia Earhart, Abraham Lincoln, etc.

One of the ways to become a more prolific reader is to have more things that interest you. If you can’t think of many… read more and you’ll find almost too many to read about in a year!

Source: reading | Self Help Daily

Author: Dennis Hickey

There are no limits to success to those who never stop learning. Learning will nourish your personal growth. I hope you enjoy this website and visit often so you keep learning and growing too!

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